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AVN warned Human Rights Commission in 2019 of a coming dystopia

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In 2019, the Australian Human Rights Commission called for submissions to an inquiry into human rights, ironically called ‘Free and Equal: An Australian conversation on human rights’ (the National Conversation)‘.

In the Foreword section of the AVN’s November 2019 submission (copied below), President Aneeta Hafemeister warned of a coming dystopia featuring cradle-to-grave vaccinations and boosters, as well as the restriction of citizen’s movements! 

In her closing she implores Australian citizens to support either a constitutional bill of rights, or, a federal human rights Act which is binding on both the parliamentary and executive arms of government, before it is too late!



A growing number of Australians are becoming acutely aware that vaccination policy will eventually intrude into every aspect of their personal, family, social and economic lives, unless the sweeping powers available to the parliament under the Australian Constitution are duly limited.

It is not a case of if, but when vaccination policy will touch an individual, family or occupational class.  It would seem that no citizen will be immune from the authoritarian creep towards coercive, cradle-to-grave, or more correctly, womb-to-tomb vaccination laws, as vaccine promoters find more and more indications for vaccination. The old, the young, the yet-to-be-born; no citizen will be able to escape multiple rounds of vaccination and boosters. Existing mandates for health care workers will be extended to other occupations, and as vaccination failure becomes more difficult to conceal by health officials, adults, including pregnant women, will be increasingly targeted for vaccination, and their freedom of movement restricted.  This is the dystopian future planned for us.

Since 2015, Australian citizens have lost important social, economic and medical rights, under the ‘No Jab, No Pay’ and ‘No Jab, No Play’ mandatory vaccination laws, which were not justified on either individual health or public health grounds.  Despite Australia having historically high vaccination rates, these laws were framed as being necessary to further increase vaccination rates, without any evidence that such an increase would lead to healthier children or a reduction in disease outbreaks.  In other words, vaccination became an end in itself under these laws.

These laws provide alarming examples of how our system of representative democracy is not capable of protecting minorities with dissenting positions, and how easily it can be hijacked by extremist lobby groups which ‘have the ear’ of members of parliament.

As Australia is the only liberal democracy without a constitutional bill of rights, or comprehensive federal human rights legislation, most rights which Australians take for granted are not adequately  protected against legislative excess. Under our system of government, citizens rely, almost exclusively, on the goodwill and diligence of their elected representatives to enact proportionate and least-rights-restrictive laws, characteristics which were rarely observed during the enactment of the No Jab, No Pay/Play laws. Consequently, there is a strong case, and growing support for law reform in this area.

The legislative models adopted in Victoria, A.C.T., and recently Queensland – whilst ensuring that ministerial and other administrative decisions are consistent with the protection of human rights – are not binding on the parliament itself. As a result, under these models, the parliament is still permitted to enact laws which violate human rights, which we witnessed first-hand with the enactment of the Victorian ‘No Jab, No Play’ law in 2015. For this reason, a similar model should not be supported at the federal level.

I encourage all Australian citizens to support either a constitutional bill of rights, or, a federal human rights Act which is binding on both the parliamentary and executive arms of government.

It is time. Our human rights and freedoms must be protected before it is too late.

Aneeta Hafemeister
Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc.
Advocates for vaccine safety and informed choice since 1994


Although one didn’t need a crystal ball to know that these predictions would materialise some time in the future, none of us could have been prepared for the rapid escalation and sheer scale of the COVID19 sting which has seen the Australian government effectively trash our human rights, and write blank cheques to vaccine manufacturers using taxpayer funds.  All without appropriate scrutiny and transparency.

Read the AVN’s full submission here:

Vaccine mandates: an unjustified assault on our human rights and freedoms
Submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission conversation on human rights
November 2019

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