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Entrance to Federal Court of Australia, Commonwealth Tribunals, Perth City, Western Australia


AVN Judicial Review Fundraising Campaign

Currently, citizens both in Australia and around the Globe are being subjected to coercive and mandated medicine, involving a new and largely unknown group of mRNA vaccines.

In less than one year this global clinical trial has resulted in historically unprecedented – indeed catastrophic – levels of death, illnesses, and injuries from these vaccines, termed Adverse Events (AEs).

To date, the United States system for reporting AEs is showing over 18,000 Deaths from these vaccines.

The Australian Government system for reporting AEs is showing over 640 Deaths from these vaccines.

Australian AEs reporting illnesses and/or injury now exceed 80,000 cases for these vaccines.

And these AE numbers are only those being reported.

It is recognised by health authorities globally that such reporting reflects only a small percentage of the actual numbers occurring across affected communities.

For context, Australia has averaged 4.75 deaths per year from all of the 20+ conventional vaccines administered annually.

The current situation is best visualised in this chart of all US vaccine deaths reported since 1990, with the exponential spike on the right occurring with the roll-out of mRNA vaccines in the United States:

Total deaths reported to the USA VAERS system from 1990 to date.


Why has the Australian Government not cancelled or suspended these provisionally approved mRNA vaccines?

At this critical time the only effective course for compelling the Australian Government to cancel or suspend these vaccines is by filing an Application with the Federal Court of Australia, which will enable the Court to conduct a Judicial Review.

This review will answer whether the Australian Government has failed to protect Australians from preventable death or harm through the use of these vaccines – where at law, the Australian Government has a duty to protect Australians from any unsafe medical product, by cancelling any medical product which is unacceptably harmful and/or deadly.

This Judicial Review will bring focused public and media attention upon the Australian Government from all quarters.

The Review will force the Australian Government to try and justify as acceptable, the mounting numbers of Australians being injured or dying from these vaccines, at rates never before seen in the history of vaccines.

A successful Application will not just cancel or suspend these vaccines – success will force all Australian Governments to withdraw mandates for mRNA vaccinations.

And our children who clinical evidence shows do not need these vaccines – will be saved from the real risks of death, illness, or injury – and also the emerging risk indicating that these vaccines appear to be compromising the immune systems of those who receive them for life.

With so much at stake, the AVN has begun putting together a passionate team of legal experts to give all of us the best possible chance.

With time being of the essence AVN has already provided a seed donation to The AVN Judicial Review Trust Fund of AU$20,000.

You can help us by donating to the Trust Fund to assist with covering the legal costs, by clicking the link below and sharing it widely.

AVN Judicial Review Trust Fund





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