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An update on the AVN’s Federal Court Judicial Review

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We are pleased to announce that the AVN has retained the services of a new legal team, ably headed by Mr Peter Fam of Maat’s Method. Peter is 100% on-side regarding the issue of individual bodily integrity and the right to make free and informed health choices. He is being assisted by a large team including Mr Julian Gillespie (retired barrister), and a most capable and learned barrister of Wentworth Chambers, Sydney, who is leading the team through unique legal waters.

Today, we have given Mr Brendan Murphy, Secretary of the TGA, until the 24th of December, Christmas Eve, at 3 PM to respond to our notice of demand for him to withdraw or cancel the provisional approvals for all currently provisionally-approved COVID jabs. If not, we are prepared to take the TGA to the Federal Court to litigate the issue. Please see the files on this page of the AVN’s website.

Every week, 20 or more Australians are being reported as dying following administration of one of these jabs and thousands are injured. These reports represent only the very tip of the vaccine-harm iceberg hiding below the surface of official government statistics which are understated by 30-50 times.

It is time to make Mr Murphy and his compatriots finally do their job of protecting the health and wellbeing of Australians – especially after the recent approval of Pfizer jabs for children aged 5-11 years of age, due to start in January, 2022.

We are ready to move on this and expect to be filing with the court (pending a negative response from Mr Murphy and the TGA) before New Year’s Eve. Even if the regulators are afraid to act, as we have done for nearly 28 years, the AVN will be fearless in standing up for the rights and health of Australians of all ages in opposition to government overreach and mandated medical procedures.

Below is a link to a copy of the letter and attachments that were sent by email and post today.

Remember that we estimate the total costs necessary to complete this action to be in the area of $300,000 and we are only half-way there. If you are able to help support this and/or to share this page, we would be so grateful for your assistance.

Kind regards,

The AVN team

go to https://givesendgo.com/AVNJudicialReviewFund to learn more or to donate.

  1. Letter to Mr Brendan Murphy
  2. Letter from the AVN to Mr Brendan Murphy and the TGA
  3. Letter to the Honourable Greg Hunt MP
  4. The AVN puts Minister Hunt and the Australian Government on notice of potential legal action

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