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Under the Wire Episode 23, February 8, 2020

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Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families

Lots of updated news on the Coronavirus (hint – it appears to be a man-made virus that either escaped the lab or was intentionally released); Lawmakers in South Dakota propose legislation to outlaw mandatory vaccination and medication; HPV vaccination may be responsible for a huge increase in cervical cancer in young women and much more.

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Notes and links to today’s topics

1 – On the Origins of the 2019-nCoV Virus, Wuhan, China
2 – Most likely man-made
3 – Dr James Lyons-Weiler’s paper demonstrates that the genetic profile of this virus indicates clearly its man-made origin.
4 – Chinese students and researchers in Canada and the US have been removed from their positions after having been found removing disease material and sending it back to China.
5 – Some scientists are claiming that the novel coronavirus involved with the current outbreak contains HIV DNA.
6 – Either accidental or intentional release from bioweapons lab in China.
7 – One death in the Phillipines but otherwise, no other deaths outside of China 50 million people on ‘lockdown’.
8 – 50 million people on ‘lockdown’
9 – Chinese pronouncements are not trustworthy. Long history of abuse. Video of people being forced into vans for removal. Falun Gong
10 – 31,000 cases so far with more than 600 deaths.
11 – Most of those who died had underlying conditions or were being treated with Tamiflu which is known to cause sudden death. (2 slides)
12 – Virus only identified a short time ago but apparently testing is accurate and a vaccine is nearly finished and should be ready for ‘testing’ within 3 months’ time.
13 – The list of published symptoms matches symptoms for influenza – so why so severe? Why bleeding?
14 – Ships at sea being quarantined – turned away from ports. Flu or the plague?
15 – HO looking for $675 million to ‘stop the spread’ of coronavirus. Ever heard of washing your hands?

See: Bread slide

16 – Dr Francis Boyle on why coronavirus is a man-made bioweapon
17 – Prevenar reactions
18 – Viral shedding Flumist
19 – South Dakota freedom legislation
20 – Petition to POTUS re religious freedom
21 – New vaccine for a sexually-transmitted disease – chlamydia
22 – Gardasil proven as a cause of death – radio silence maintained
23 – Australia’s lack of a bill or statement of rights means that the case being taken in Canada right now would not be helpful to us here

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