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Under the Wire Episode 20, January 18, 2020

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Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families

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AVN Issues press release on WHO bombshell discussed last week
Crickets and denial follow with only a few exceptions

We need everyone to send a copy of this press release to their members of parliament

Contacts for members of parliament including health ministers available here

It’s best if you can write a short covering letter in your own words.

Should you need any ideas, you can include any of the following:

It is my will that you actually read the press release below and watch the linked videos demonstrating clearly that the experts at the World Health Organisation (WHO) who publicly claim that vaccines are safe and effective, privately discuss grave misgivings they have regarding vaccine safety and efficacy. Amongst themselves, they admit that the science has never actually been done and their bold claims have no basis in fact.

The mantra that vaccines are “safe and effective” is no longer acceptable.
In light of these revelations by the WHO and the AVN demands that the Federal Government fulfil the promise made 6 years ago by Prof Peter McIntyre that they would use the data in the ACIR to compare the overall health of the fully vaccinated, the partially vaccinated and the completely unvaccinated.

We are an army of digital soldiers – we need everyone to take the time to write these letters and to follow up when they receive replies like the one quoted in today’s show.

We need people in every state and territory who will volunteer to watch for up-coming legislation on this issue (which may be hidden in omnibus bills) and to search their Hansards every week for any attempts to further abridge our health rights.

We need people who are serious about dedicating some time to this issue and to helping protect the community against the onslaught of pharma-sponsored and controlled legislation.


The Elephant in the Auditorium — Big Pharma Profiteering on the Bodies of Children.

Link here

Win in New Jersey – we can do it here too!

Watch this interview with the HighWire’s Del Bigtree. One truth bomb after another

Open source Study by Prof Christopher Exley shows that Aluminium is causally linked with Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum Should Now Be Considered a Primary Etiological Factor in Alzheimer’s Disease. Link here

Pertussis (whooping cough) mutating and evading any protection from the vaccine. Calls are on for the development of new vaccines. Whooping cough evolving into a superbug. Link here

Is it déjà vu all over again? Adaptation of Bordetella pertussis to Vaccination: A Cause for Its Re-emergence? Link here

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