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Under the Wire Episode 18, January 4, 2020

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Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families

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Today’s Topics

Bushfires – affecting everyone in Australia. Our thoughts go out to our community and the entire nation.

Vaxxed Bus for Australia? With your help, we are going to make this happen in 2020!

Mad Science – a roundup of some of the craziest vaccination stories in recent weeks including the approval of an Ebola vaccine that can cause or spread Ebola. I kid you not.

Media attacks reach new lows. Is the #FakeNews media the enemy of the people? You decide.

How to handle ‘anti-vaxxers’ – when conversations and scientific debate just won’t work and why.

Good news stories – some New York schools are fighting back against the ever-increasing number of vaccine mandates, Dr Shiva explains how the immune system is supposed to work and John Stone, Editor of Age of Autism tells the British Medical Journal that there needs to be an open public discussion about vaccination.


Mad Science

FDA Approves Merck’s New Live Ebola Vaccine
It Says Can Shed and Cause Immunosuppression. But don’t worry! Though the vaccine may not be able to prevent you from being infected with Ebola and may, in fact, give you the infection, you will be happy to know that Merck will be protected from lawsuits and should you or your loved one (in the US) be harmed, you can appeal for compensation from the government – but be quick! You’ve only got 1 year following vaccination to file your claim.

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China was an early adopter of a home-grown Ebola vaccine in 2017
Their vaccine was based on the strain of Ebola found in Africa. Within a short time of this introduction, an “Ebola-like virus” African swine flu – had devasted Chinese pigs, apparently infecting up to 1/2 of Chinese animals leading to a cull of up to 200 million pigs.

Media attacks reach new lows

Anti-vaxxers are ‘absolutely brain dead’
As second case of measles is diagnosed in Sydney.

This Italian scientist has become a celebrity by fighting vaccine skeptics
No facts, no data, no knowledge – but a really, really catchy tag line!

Anti-vaxxers Hate Your Children
Your organisation of anti-vaccination evil wants you to see children crying.

These attacks have had an effect on the gullible in our society who don’t question anything they are told and who blame an unnamed, unknown unvaccinated population for illness in their vaccinated children and themselves.

How to handle ‘anti-vaxxers’
New CDC Initiative (late 2019) to create confidence in parents regarding vaccine safety.

Vaccinate with Confidence
The name of the new campaign that the CDC has launched. Its goal is to stop “Vaccine hesitancy.”

Virginia Bill to Allow Children to Decide on Vaccines

Bill Gates and MIT work on creating a tattoo

Vaccine market predicted to exceed $93 Billion US in just 6 years’ time

Single dose of HPV vaccine may protect against infection

Good News

Long Island Schools push back on new vaccine mandates

Dr Shiva, MIT Phd explains the immune system

There should be open public discussion about vaccine safety

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The Aligned Council of Australia

The Aligned Council of Australia (ACA) has launched several initiatives to help combat the impending WHO Pandemic Treaty.

Embarking on Your Vaccination Journey?

A very big warm welcome to all our new website visitors who are researching vaccination for the first time. The Covid situation has inspired a lot more people to start asking questions about all vaccinations.

Marilyn Shares Youngest Sister Affected by Jab and Dies

Marilyn speaks with Meryl on the VaxXed Bus about how her youngest sister was affected by the jab and sadly, later dies.