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Tell COTA what you think about the requirement for aged care visitors to have the flu shot

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COTA (Council on the Ageing) are developing an Australia-wide Visitor Access Code for aged care visitors, and are running a public consultation process until 3 pm Thursday 7 May.

They ask for submissions by email, so it really is not difficult to have your say.

Here is a press release about the consultation:
Aged Care Visitor Access Code Consultation

From the press release:

A Visitor Access Code is being developed to ensure a nationally consistent visitation policy to residential aged care homes during the COVID-19 crisis. The Code aims to apply a compassionate and consistent visitor policy that continues to minimise the risk of COVID-19 while providing innovative on-site visiting solutions to maintain the mental health of residents.

Here is the draft code, which COTA are asking for feedback on:
Consultation on draft Aged Care Visitor Access Code (PDF)

The above Aged Care Visitor Access Code mentions flu vaccination twice:

In Principles, point 3:

At a minimum the entry requirements include being required to respond honestly to screening questions about COVID-19 risk factors, demonstrate an up to date flu vaccination; and complying with visitor requirements which may include hand hygiene, having their temperature checked upon arrival, wearing Personal Protective Equipment if required and remaining in a resident’s room or designated area.

Under RESPONSIBILITIES, Residents, Families and Friends, bullet point 4:

To follow visiting requirements including providing evidence of up to date influenza vaccination, infection control procedures such as washing hands, use of visiting windows, remaining in residents’ rooms – as directed by the aged care staff.

If you are unhappy with the requirement for flu vaccination for aged-care visitors, or anything else in the code, please email COTA by Thursday May 7, 3pm, stating your name and clearly outlining your reasons for being unhappy.

Their email address is:
[email protected]

Videos, for talking points

You could include links to some of these videos if you wish. To share individual videos, or find their links, start playing the video and click on the word YouTube on the bottom right, and the video’s YouTube page will open in a new window/tab. Find the link and sharing from there.

This is Manon:

This is Anita:

This is Lynda:

This is Celia:

This is Karen:

Nobody asked Alan’s mother:

Nobody asked Hank and Judy

Nobody asked Denise and Bryant

Thanks in advance for having your say on this important matter.

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