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PRESS RELEASE: Australian VaxXed Bus Mobilises The Truth About Vaccines

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For Immediate Release: June 8 2020

Aussie parents launch Vaxxed Bus to report on Vaccine victims ignored by the media.

Thanks to the help and support of members of the Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc. (AVN), Australia has become the first country outside of the United States to have its own Vaxxed Bus.

This bus – a 34-foot Coachman Mirada – will take to the road starting July 2020 to perform citizen journalism that Aussie corporate media refuses to do.

Families of those who have died or been permanently injured by vaccinations will finally have an opportunity to tell their stories to the world. The bus will also be documenting stories of families who have chosen not to vaccinate, learning their reasons, and the health outcomes of their unvaccinated children.

Like the bus in the US which has recorded the stories of over 8,000 victims of vaccination since its launch in 2016, Australia’s Vaxxed bus will not only provide a way to bring support and information to every area of this vast nation, but it will also be a mobile billboard and a vehicle for bringing screenings of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth and other documentary films about health and health rights to an increasingly interested and active community of parents and health professionals.

Parents will be filmed for an up-coming Australian documentary as well as having their stories live-streamed to hundreds of thousands around the world. They will also sign the bus in honour of their children. The bus schedule is not yet set, but those who would like to share their stories, help the AVN whilst on the road, or simply find out when the Vaxxed bus will be near their area, can register by using the following online form.


“For far too long, the Australian Government, the media and the medical community have tried to pretend that vaccines are perfectly safe and harm no one. They have done their best to silence us and to take away our voice. Thanks to years of hard work and dedication however, our community has done what many would have considered to be impossible:”, says Aneeta Hafemeister, President of the AVN. “they have pulled together in a unified way to fund this amazing vehicle that will bring so much love and information to our community.”

The AVN owes a huge debt of gratitude to our members, without whose help, love, encouragement and financial support, this dream never would have been realised. We also want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Polly and Jon Tommey, Dr Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree and the entire US Vaxxed team whose dedication and energy has birthed a worldwide movement of informed vaccination choice for all.

For More Information:

Aneeta Hafemeister
[email protected]


Meryl Dorey
[email protected]

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