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Fluvax scandal cover-up doctor orders No Jab, No Kick Off

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Fluvax Cover-Up Doctor Jeannette Young
Qld Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeannette Young, Ashley Epapara and family (top right), Saba Button and family (bottom right)

Many readers would already be aware that the Queensland Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeannette Young has taken the extraordinary step of banning those NRL players not willing to submit to influenza vaccination, from playing in Queensland.

In 2010, Dr Young was complicit in the cover-up of the flu vaccine death of Ashley Epapara, which was prior to the catastrophic injury of Saba Button from the same vaccine.  You can read our Timeline to a Tragedy series about the fluvax scandal at the bottom of this page.

Under the COVID-19 emergency declaration, Dr Young has been delegated sweeping powers to issue directions if she reasonably believes it is necessary to give the following directions pursuant to s362B of the Public Health Act 2005 to assist in containing, or to respond to, the spread of COVID-19 within the community.

What influenza vaccination has to do with the spread of COVID-19 is anyone’s guess.

It is unclear at this stage if the NRL flu vaccine mandate is being authorised under law, or rather, if it is a policy being imposed by the NRL under intense lobbying (blackmail) by Dr Young and the Queensland and federal governments.

Flu vaccine effectiveness

A 2018 review regarding healthy adults conducted by the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration concluded that the Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) from being vaccinated against influenza is probably only 1.4%.

Also see an article by Professors Chris Del Mar and Peter Collignon called The Flu Vaccine Is Being Oversold – It’s Not That Effective.

A 2012 study called Increased Risk of Noninfluenza Respiratory Virus Infections Associated With Receipt of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine found that flu vaccine recipients had an increased risk of virologically-confirmed non-influenza infections, due to a temporary suppression of non-specific immunity that protects against other respiratory viruses.

A 2020 study found that the odds of coronavirus in individuals vaccinated against influenza were significantly higher when compared to unvaccinated individuals with an odds ratio (association between an exposure and an outcome) of 1.36. In other words, the vaccinated were 36% more likely to get coronavirus.

Timeline to a tragedy series

Part 1 

Timeline to a Tragedy: Did incompetence, lies and a government cover-up lead to deaths?

Part 2

Timeline to a Tragedy: Part 2 – The cover-up deepens

Part 3

Timeline to a Tragedy:Part 3 – Lessons go Unlearned

Right to Information (RTI) documents cited in timeline

Part 1
Part 2


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