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Vaccinegate Scandal-over 300 contaminants in vaccines

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vaccine contaminants

The AVN recently held screenings of Gardasil “The Science” Video and Other Facts presented by Robert F Kennedy Junior. The events which took place in Freemantle and Albany, WA were followed up by two amazing Q&A sessions with Dr Loretta Bolgan a scientific consultant for Corvelva on the quality investigation of vaccines. Corvelva, is an advocacy group of independent researchers that has been demanding freedom to choose vaccines since 1993.

Note: This blog is based on statements and replies to audience questions from Dr Loretta Bolgan during the two Q&A sessions that followed Robert F Kennedy’s video screenings at Freemantle and Albany, WA.

Contaminated vaccines

It’s not the first time that researchers have reported that vaccines are not clean and free of contaminants. Previous studies have revealed the presence of stainless steel, iron particles and other inorganic material found in a sample of vaccines in France and Italy.

The finding of untested chemical contaminants is shocking and for Dr Loretta Bolgan, a scientific consultant for Corvelva, the chemical contaminants found in their 2018 study were a big surprise.

There were 100’s of contaminants for each vaccine. These compounds are very risky for health and are poor quality for vaccines.

They are not of good quality. It’s a political problem too.

Dr Bolgan explains that the contamination of vaccines occurs because there is no control over what raw materials are used in the manufacture of the vaccines. It is particularly important to have high quality raw materials for use in the 6 diseases in one vaccine such as Infanrix Hexa but with the huge quantity of vaccines produced every day the regulation of quality is likely to be far from ideal.

One of the vaccines that the Corvelva researchers studied was the Infanrix Hexa. Other vaccines studied included the HPV vaccine (Gardasil 9), Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella (MMRV) and Diphtheria-Tetanus-acellular Pertussis (DTPa).

Infanrix Hexa

GlaxoSmithKline’s Infanrix Hexa is a combined Diphtheria-Tetanus-acellular Pertussis (DTPa), Hepatitis B, Poliovirus and Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine given to babies at 2, 4, and 6 months.

Corvelva’s 2018 study into the ingredients of Infanrix Hexa found the presence of major contaminants. The result of the study is recorded in Vaccinegate and details the following disturbing findings:

In Infanrix Hexa the researchers found chemical contamination from the manufacturing process or cross-contamination with other manufacturing lines;

They also found chemical toxins; bacterial peptide toxins; and an insoluble and indigestible macromolecule that reacts to the protein assay, but cannot be recognized by any protein databases.

They did not find:

Protein antigens of diphtheria toxoids, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, haemophylus influenzae B, Poliomyelitis 1-2-3 (these are the components of vaccines thought to be required in order to develop immunity and they were completely missing from the final vaccine!);

Formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde, phenoxyethanol, antibiotic residues indicated in the composition.

Dr Bolgan reiterated her point about the low quality of vaccines:

If 6 vaccines are together the quality should be very high. Vaccines are from India and China. The controls over the raw materials are very low. Manufacturing is increasing every day. Quality will decrease.

Gardasil 9

Gardasil 9 is a vaccine designed to protect against diseases caused by the HPV virus. It should contain 9 antigens as specified in the package insert, presumably providing protection from 9 different subtypes of the human papilloma virus (subtypes 6 -11 – 16 – 18 – 31 – 33 – 45 – 52 – 58). However, not all the indicated antigens have been detected by Corvelva – only 7 out of 9.

What most impressed us was the presence of L1 fragments of the genome of papillomavirus. These fragments should not be present in the vaccine because the papillomavirus is carcinogenic and their presence together with the aluminium adjuvant is believed to be the cause of some of the serious adverse reactions in the injured.

In the study of Gardasil 9, the researchers could identify only 20% of the contaminants present. One of the identified contaminants was an amphetamine. The presence of this central nervous system stimulant was reported to the police and to the Italian Minister of Health and the European Medicines Agency. So far there has not been any action taken on finding this illegal substance in the vaccine.

The regulatory bodies are not doing anything to fix this problem.

They say vaccines are clean.

MMRV vacine

A study was also done on Priorix Tetra manufactured by GSK,  and used for protection against measles, mumps, rubella and varicella which showed that it contained 1.7-3.7 microgram of foreign chicken embryo DNA and human foetal DNA which is 100 times more than is allowable by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Dr Bolgan spoke about how they found particular mutations in the attenuated viruses that are different from vaccine to vaccine and from one lot to another lot.

Viruses are never the same in every single vaccine. The antibodies against measles are different in different people who are vaccinated and are completely different from measles in the environment and yet they say we need 100% vaccination.

All the viruses that are RNA viruses change very quickly.

This is a huge problem. The problem is the vaccine.


Dr Bolgan was very critical of the use of aluminium as an adjuvant in many of the vaccines given to children and increasingly to adults today.

There are plenty of studies that confirm the neurotoxicity of aluminium.

Aluminium modifies the structure of antigens and makes them insoluble and indigestible. Aluminium changes the conformation of the antigens and this compromises the efficacy of the vaccine but also produces a prionic effect.  Aluminium changes properties of proteins… This could explain some of the vaccine damage. We need to do more study to confirm this prionic effect.

In vaccines aluminium is bound tightly to antigens and other tissues in the body therefore it is difficult to detoxify the body from the aluminium.


One question from the audience was about Squalene which is an ingredient that is added to vaccines and described by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as “a component of some adjuvants that is added to vaccines to enhance the immune response.”

According to Deidre Imus writing for the Children’s Health Defense

It’s a naturally-occurring substance derived primarily from shark liver oil, found in foods, cosmetics, over-the-counter medications, and supplements. When combined with other ingredients it becomes an adjuvant, which, like aluminium, is added to vaccines to elicit a stronger immune response from the body.

Squalene is a dangerous addition to vaccines as Loretta Bolgan explained:

An oil which causes inflammation at site of injection. Inflammation causes death of tissues at the site of injection. The immune system attends the site of damage to repair. Inflammation is the desired effect of the vaccination. The problem is that when the cells die components of the cells in the extracellular spaces release products of the cells – the DNA and other antibodies resulting in autoimmune diseases. It is an adjuvant and without adjuvants vaccines do not work.


Vaccines are made of antigens that produce antibodies that go on and attack bacteria and viruses that enter the body. So that the person who is vaccinated against the measles can produce antibodies to bind to the measles virus in the environment. That is the reason for vaccination.

This is not possible. Because antigens are modified with formaldehyde and modified with mutations. Aluminium is added which binds to antigens and the antibodies produced against the antigens are very different from what are produced in the natural way. These vaccines have very low efficacy because the antibodies may only be able to bind only partially  to the virus of the natural disease. This is why there is need for boosters.

Vaccines vaccinate against antigens in vaccines not the wild virus that people encounter.

Corvelva’s research did not confirm the presence of glyphosate in vaccines although according to Dr Bolgan it could be there but they would need to do a special type of test to find out.

Safe vaccines

The public is frequently told that vaccines are safe but as Corvelva’s study so clearly shows this is not true.

They say vaccines are clean. It’s an injectable drug – given to babies from one day old. The regulatory agencies are not doing anything to fix this problem. They all have side effects. Studies on vaccines are only done for no more than 15 days. Autoimmune diseases take a long time to appear. We are told that the benefits are more than the risks. Boosters increase the possibility of autoimmune disease.

This has to be articulated in the risks of vaccination. We do not know the real numbers of vaccine damage. Studies are done for efficacy not safety. Studies are only done for 15 days and anything after 15 days is not considered vaccine damage.

It is very important to communicate at an international level because the problems with the vaccinations are the same all over the world.

Corvelva continues its vital work into the quality of vaccines. Dr Loretta Bolgan states that it is important that every country test the vaccines given to its own people. Corvelva advocates for freedom of choice in regard to vaccination. But first there needs to be informed choice which is why their work on the safety of vaccines is vital.

At the moment we say that the vaccines are not of good quality.

Links to Dr Bolgan’s Q&A sessions

Freemantle WA

Albany WA 

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