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I feel a need to post here about something very important – even vital – to our cause. It is about how we ourselves can do the work of those who want to destroy us and suppress our valid information through their careless words and attacks on those who are on our side.

A speaker in the US who is passionately concerned with vaccination risks has attacked many others in our community because they were not as ‘anti-vaccine’ (I hate that term and it does not describe most of us, I believe) as she is.

While I feel her frustration that it is taking so long to get our message out to the masses, I believe she has done a great disservice to our entire community with her words.

Different methods – unified goals

Politics makes strange bedfellows and this issue makes the strangest bedfellows of all. From those on the far left to those on the far right and all of those in between – we have come together for one reason and one reason only: because we believe that children and adults are being harmed and even killed every single day by vaccinations which have never been shown to prevent even one death but which have been demonstrated to cause many deaths and disabilities in every single age group and nation where they are used.

If we are not united against the powers who own the media, the government and the medical community – powers that have trillions of dollars at their disposal (and who, despite this unfair advantage, have never managed to win the hearts and minds of society), we will lose this vital battle by imploding of our own volition.

Please do not allow this to happen!

We need to be united in our efforts to protect children and adults in every country that is currently seeing expansions of mandatory/coerced vaccination and that means accepting and respecting that many of us will use different methods to spread our messages than others. We are all part of the same team and as long as we are united, we will win.


We ARE winning! Here in Australia and in Europe and the US – we are having major victories for health freedom and informed choice. And these victories will continue to accrue until we win the final victory where every single man, woman and child is given the opportunity to openly examine independent research on vaccination from both sides, to ask questions dispassionately and without threats of violence, financial penalty or discrimination and then – and ONLY then, to make the choice they feel is best for their families.

Will we all work together for that cause? I hope everyone’s answer is a resounding YES! Because for nearly 29 years now, that has been my personal goal and I would love to know that you – wherever you are in the world today – believe in that goal too.

Go your hardest at showing the anti-choice, bigoted brigade the errors of their ways, but never attack our community members for the way in which they choose to educate and support and most certainly, never, ever, EVER attack their vaccine-injured children!

Meryl Dorey,
AVN President

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