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Under the Wire Episode 5, August 31 2019

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Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families

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Topics and links


Social media giants take censorship of vaccine-safety message one step further. Censorship now applies to FB, Twitter, Pinterest etc searches. All Vaccine topic searches result in WHO, CDC etc. pages.

UK to pressure social media companies to fight anti-vax info; Tech News 24/08/2019

Flu vaccine for children in Australia

Six doses of a four strain Flu Vaccine being recommended for children starting at 6 months of age.

Hate speech

Hate speech and incitement by media – especially Murdoch media – continues. For example, with the following articles:

One writer states Anti Vaxxers make her feel “borderline murderous.” (see “anti-vax pack” article)

Started in May this year – statements that children are the main source of flu in Australia

Then, the buildup stating that The PBSC would not provide free vaccines for children
Now, all of a sudden, flu vaccination added to childhood schedule


Also see
Opting out of flu jab a sick notion – Gold Coast Bulletin Page 1, Page 2

Flu shot is not a requirement under No Jab No Pay – not sure about state-based requirements yet – getting volunteers to look into that. AVN inviting volunteers to enlist via a link on our website.

If you would like to volunteer find volunteer survey here.

I spoke again to Sophia from Greg Hunts office again today and she said flu vaccines for babies and children are not a requirement for NJNP.

I asked what it takes to change this and she replied that a legislative amendment to present law would be needed to be passed by parliament

Unreported study on Vaxigrip Tetra from children in Vietnam

Package insert for Vaxigrip Tetra from Israel from 2018 flu season

NJNPay exemptions

Vaccine exemptions will only accept actual cases of anaphylaxis following vaccination, or proof of titres.


New study by Prof Christopher Exley on Aluminium in the human brain – available as a free download  here.

California – medical exemptions

California copying Australian No Jab No Pay for school – 882 paediatricians contacted by phone all refused to write medical exemptions for children who had serious reactions to vaccines. Watch this EXCELLENT video:

Watch video here

New Zealand doctor statement

Dr Nikki Turner, IMAC director in NZ, states that she vaccinates for her own health but that anyone who is unvaccinated can easily infect her, see
Just a Dad



Dr Loretta Bolgan said that preliminary results indicate that Al may have the ability to change the proteins in vaccines so they behave like prions – the structures linked with Mad Cow Disease and Creutzfeld Jacob in humans.


TGA FOI request regarding all Australian Vaccines country of manufacture still draws a failed response.

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The Aligned Council of Australia

The Aligned Council of Australia (ACA) has launched several initiatives to help combat the impending WHO Pandemic Treaty.

Embarking on Your Vaccination Journey?

A very big warm welcome to all our new website visitors who are researching vaccination for the first time. The Covid situation has inspired a lot more people to start asking questions about all vaccinations.

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Marilyn speaks with Meryl on the VaxXed Bus about how her youngest sister was affected by the jab and sadly, later dies.

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