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Under the Wire Episode 2, July 27 2019

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Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families

Here is today’s show:

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Links and information from the broadcast

West Australian Government passes No Jab No Play legislation

  • Phase one of the ‘No Jab No Play’ policy introduced from January 1, 2019 to require childcare services, kindergartens and schools to strengthen immunisation records and enhance the powers of the Chief Health Officer during a disease outbreak
  • Phase two, the Government to introduce a Bill that will prohibit the enrolment of an under-vaccinated child from childcare and kindergartens
  • Immunisation coverage of children to improve through targeted support and referral pathways in phase three

From the Public Health Act 2016, WA

158. Enforcement of requirement to undergo medical observation, medical examination

(1) If an authorised officer gives a direction to a person under section 157(1)(j) to undergo medical observation, medical examination or medical treatment or to be vaccinated, an authorised officer or police officer may use reasonable force to ensure that the direction is complied with, including, if necessary —

(a) to apprehend and detain the person to whom the direction applies (the relevant person) and take the relevant person to a place where the person is required to undergo medical observation, medical examination or medical treatment or to be vaccinated in accordance with the direction; and

(b) to detain the relevant person at the place where he or she is required to undergo medical observation, medical examination or medical treatment or to be vaccinated in accordance with the direction; and

(c) to restrain the relevant person —

(i) to enable a medical observation, medical examination or medical treatment to be carried out; or

(ii) to enable the relevant person to be vaccinated;


(d) to remove anything (including underwear) that the relevant person is wearing, if —

(i) the removal of the thing is reasonably necessary to enable a medical examination or medical treatment to be carried out or, as the case requires, to enable the person to be vaccinated

AVN President, Aneeta Hafemeister and founder, Meryl Dorey bring RFK Jr Documentary to Fremantle and Albany, Wa

After a highly-successful tour of South-Eastern QLD, the AVN will be bringing Robert F Kennedy Jr’s documentary film to locations in Fremantle and Albany, West Australia.

The Fremantle screening will be held on August 16th and Albany will be August 18th.

For further information and to book tickets, please click here.

East Aurora Schools ending transportation for unvaccinated students

The United States, with a population of nearly 330 million people, has had 1,100 cases of measles reported so far this year. There is no indication of how many of those who contracted measles had already been vaccinated against it, nor was there any information on how many were actually ill with the measles vaccine-type virus.

Despite this, New York state is effectively segregating those who are healthy and unvaccinated from those who are supposedly protected against infectious diseases by their vaccinations.

East Aurora, a NY County, has now announced that it will no longer allow unvaccinated students on school buses. The County Commissioner stated that:

“This is, I think, one smart strategy to try to protect the students from exposure not only in the classroom, but also on the school bus from vaccine preventable diseases,”

So if the fully vaccinated need protection from their healthy, unvaccinated peers, what does this say about the authority’s confidence in the effectiveness of vaccinations?

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