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‘The People’s Truth’ Press Release November 5 2019

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For Immediate Release, November 5 2019

Download PDF of Press Release here.

AVN announces Australian release for “The People’s Truth” this December.

people's truth bus

AVN is proud to announce the national theatrical release for the smash hit follow up to the most controversial film of 2016 – VaxXed: From Coverup to Catastrophe. The feature length documentary ‘The People’s Truth’ will screen in select locations around Australia from 2 December.

Directed by Brian Burrowes and produced by Tobias Tommey, the film presents some of the thousands of interviews conducted on the road and filmed in the Vaxxed Bus, a rolling memorial to those who have been killed or injured by vaccines. More than 7,000 names of children and adults affected by vaccination cover the bus, which travelled some 80,000 km during the original Vaxxed tour.

The film begins with a short recap of how Vaxxed became the biggest social media story of the year, and how it was thrust into the global spotlight because of unprecedented censorship efforts.

In an effortless and most natural way, the viewer becomes immersed in the soul-crushing revelations from the families encountered on the road. After being ignored and denigrated for years, Vaxxed finally gave them an opportunity to tell their family’s story. These are all deeply personal, unique, and eerily similar.

It becomes apparent through the film, that those who have participated in vaccinating their children must be honoured and the victims of public health policies should be listened to rather than being shunned or abandoned.

To call these thousands of people liars or frauds is hateful and vindictive – when they were just like you, and did what they believed was in the public good.

They now live every day with the knowledge that their child will be a perpetual drain on the public purse and community, in many cases unable to undertake even the most basic productive roles we all expect of our children.

A high-level film insider has confirmed that “The People’s Truth” is the final nail in the vaccine coffin, and that policy makers who fail to take notice are being derelict in their duties. These families and their experiences serve as a warning: exchanging infectious illnesses that are self limiting and that had already disappeared years before vaccination is not a fair trade for today’s burgeoning epidemic of chronic diseases in children.

Title: The People’s Truth

Year: 2019

Country: United States

Shooting format: Digital

Screening format: DCP

Length: 95 min

Rating: Check the Classification (emotional distress and traumatic events)


“I just saw the film “VAXXED II” It is the most shockingly powerful film I have ever seen. Pharma, the media, government officials and the medical establishment will never again be able to lie & say there is no such thing as Vaccine Injury.”
– Rob Schneider (Hollywood Actor)

“My message is – Do your own research. Get the inserts out, look at the ingredients and see if you want these things in your child or your baby… I didn’t do the research and we have damaged children… So please parents, do the research yourselves.”
– Polly Tommey (Executive Producer)

“I’m not anti-vax. I am somebody who is skeptical of government and pharma, but I’m not anti-vax.”
– Robert F Kennedy Jnr (Executive Producer)

RELEASE LOCATIONS: Gold Coast | Mullumbimby | Perth | Adelaide | Hobart | Sunshine Coast | Melbourne | Launceston | Brisbane | Sydney | Cairns | Karratha |

Tickets – https://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/the-australian-vaccination-risks-network-inc-avn-12242107056

Events Listing – https://www.facebook.com/pg/avn.org.au/events/

Trailer: https://youtu.be/vH6qQWnnWF0

Assets: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4wsds21ac7swa4d/AAARfKp5pPsdn0nyEJw0Q9boa?dl=0

Media persons are invited to attend a screening that best suits their location.

Please get in touch to arrange your seat.

Aneeta Hafemeister, AVN President / 0427 362 990
Meryl Dorey, AVN founder / 0414 872 032

Media Release Ends

For More Information:
Meryl Dorey [email protected] 0414 872 032

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