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No link between measles vaccine and autism – Not true

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MMR Vaccine and Autism


I was contacted via the AVN’s Facebook page yesterday by a journalist with SBS who was preparing a report on the latest ‘study’ to supposedly debunk the connection between vaccines and autism. She asked me to submit a statement which I did (below) and the report was not totally one-sided as a result.

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Dear Michelle,

Thank you for offering me the opportunity to make a comment on behalf of the AVN, Australia’s only national network representing tens of thousands of families who are concerned with vaccine safety and effectiveness. It is very difficult to condense all of this down to just a couple of sentences and this is such an important discussion, it really deserves more time.

Autism in Australia

Today in Australia, it is estimated that one child in 150 is on the autistic spectrum – that is 164,000 children (approximately) compared with 64,000 in 2009 – a huge increase for a condition which, only a generation ago, was so rare, most doctors would never even have heard of it. The ABS says that 88% of people with autism are under 25 years of age so whatever is causing it, we can say with some certainty that it is something environmental which children, more than adults, are confronted with.

Here is my statement

I hope you will be able to use more the a tiny sound bite from this submission:

This study out of Denmark demonstrates the worst of today’s junk science;

It is funded by a pharmaceutical company and so poorly-designed, it is incapable of either proving or disproving a link between MMR and anything. Population-based studies, such as this one are not sensitive enough to pick up connections between vaccination and autism. Clinical studies are needed with an unvaccinated control group but this type of study – the gold standard in science – is never done. This study also only looked at MMR – there are many other vaccines given to our children and none of them were even considered though all of them have been linked with the development of ASD.

Dr. Andrew Zimmerman

Dr. Andrew Zimmerman is regarded as perhaps the world’s leading paediatric neurologist in the field of autism research and he was the expert chosen by the US Government to represent them in their Omnibus Proceedings on vaccination and autism. Dr Zimmerman filed a report in which he offered the opinion that vaccines could well trigger a regression ending in autism in a subset of children. There have been many cases heard by the US Vaccine Court which have paid compensation to families whose children developed autism following vaccination – something which would not have happened had there not been a link.

Dr. William Thompson

Dr William Thompson, a senior research scientist with the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and co-author of one of the seminal studies purporting to show that vaccines do not cause autism (the DeStefano study), has come out publicly and stated that the study was a fraud and he and other scientists had been ordered to destroy their information and to lie about the actual results which showed a very strong link between vaccines and autism – especially in children of African-American descent.

At this link  you will find 157 peer-reviewed articles indicating that vaccines (not just the MMR vaccine – but ALL vaccines) may be linked with the development of autism. So why is it that the media will jump on a conflicted, unscientific study out of Denmark yet ignore this research and the millions of parents worldwide whose children are being diagnosed each year as being on the autistic spectrum and the literally hundreds of doctors and scientists who also want to be heard on this issue?

Unvaccinated versus Vaccinated Study

If Australia truly wants to lay this question to rest once and for all, it has the power to do so by simply conducting the study we are uniquely able to do – comparing the health and diagnoses of all Australians on the Immunisation Register. In this way, those who are vaccinated fully or partially as well as those who are completely unvaccinated can be compared. Since this Immunisation Register is linked with the Medicare database and completely de-identified, it will be a simple and inexpensive study to look at things like autism, asthma, eczema and other conditions in these 3 cohorts. Yet despite the AVN and parents across Australia asking for this study to be conducted since 2002, the government has consistently refused. Why is that, do you think?

I guess that’s it. Please read through this information – I got it to you as early as I could.

I hope it will give you an idea of what questions need to be answered by those representing this study as THE one to lay to rest the question of vaccine-induced autism once and for all. That question is every bit as pertinent as it ever was and every day with every child who descends into autism following vaccination, the urgency to answer it becomes ever more vital. It is estimated that if the increase in autism continues unabated, by the year 2032, 1 child in 2 will be on the spectrum.

Those in the media have an even greater responsibility to ensure this topic is covered fairly so as not to be complicit in the tragedy unfolding around us.

All the best,
Meryl Dorey

Bibliography (this will be added to regularly as new articles on this study appear)

An Autopsy on Hviid et al. 2019’s MMR/Vaccine Science-Like Activities – Dr James Lyons-Weiler

New Danish MMR study shows autism rate of 1 in 100—CDC should rush to Denmark! by JB Handley

A Scientist’s Rebuttal to the Danish Cohort Study – Brian S Hooker PhD PE

Watch Jim Meehan MD on the poor science of the recent Danish MMR Autism Study 2019/03/06

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