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No Jab No Play bill quietly introduced into the WA parliament

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The Western Australian Education Minister, Sue Ellery, introduced the No Jab No Play Bill to the parliament (upper house) on Wednesday.

The Bill, Explanatory Memorandum, and the Minister’s speech are available here: Public Health Amendment (Immunisation Requirements for Enrolment) Bill 2019

The lack of media fanfare accompanying the introduction of this Bill is notable.  There have been no tabloid articles praising the ‘crackdown on anti-vaxxers’, although, no doubt, we will soon be seeing in our news feeds, that blue and white beanie (associated with the lying mandatory vaccinationists).

At least we know for certain now that the public consultation conducted by the Department of Health during March was a sham; an exercise in lip-service.  The results of the public consultation have not been published by the department, but we have been advised by a member of parliament that the consultation received over 500 submissions, the majority of which opposed the proposed law.

Amendments to the Bill

The AVN will be requesting the following three amendments.

Exemptions to the vaccination requirement for:

1. Conscientious objection with yearly registration of objection

2. Family Day Care services

3. Kindergarten services for three and four year olds

As the ALP government does not have the numbers in the upper house to pass the bill, it is still open to us to convince the opposition and cross-benchers of the merits of these amendments, which are entirely reasonable.

The MPs we need to be focusing on are the Liberals, Nationals, Greens, One Nation, Shooters and Liberal Democrats, rather than the ALP.  Although we are aware that there are significant numbers of ALP MPs opposed to this law, they are unable to vote against the bill because they will be expelled from the party if they do.

MP contact lists

Members of Legislative Council
Members of Legislative Assembly

If you would like to connect with like-minded people in Western Australia, please visit Judy Wilyman PhD Vaccination Choice and Citizens 4 Health Awareness, which are very active on this issue.

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