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We have changed our name!

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This is just a short announcement to let our members and community know that we have changed our name to the

Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc.

We have heard from so many in our community that they did not feel comfortable with having the word “skeptics” in our name, and believe me we totally understand why.  What you might not know is that we were forced to change our name by the NSW Fair Trading Department because they decided it was misleading, but you can read more about this here

noun: skeptic
  1. 1.
    a person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions.

The Australian Skeptics and other skeptic groups/organisations around the world have taken a word that means a person who questions accepted opinions’ and warped it in to ‘those who do not question accepted opinions and attack those who do’. 

So no longer wanting to have our name potentially confused with the ‘anti-sceptics’ we listened to your concerns and applied to change our name to one we feel is more fitting.

Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc.

We think ‘risks’ is great because it covers;

the risk of injuries and death that come from vaccines,

the risk of vaccine ineffectiveness,

the risk of vaccination policies that put the protection of the vaccination program above the children it is supposed to protect,

the risks that come from vaccination dogma instead of real and non industry linked science,

the risks of conflicts of interests in vaccination programs and those who are in charge of these programs

the risks of removing informed consent and choice from individuals and parents

and much much more…

We will be updating our website, Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts to our new name but it will probably take a couple of weeks, if you see any places we miss out in the next few weeks please let us know and we will fix them up asap!

We hope that you are happy with the change, we are and we look forward to taking the Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc. in to the future!


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