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Vaccination: A Parent’s Plea

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Today we have a poem written by a member of our community, Leah Talipeau. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Vaccination: A Parent’s Plea

Before I had children
I had no idea
I didn’t have many concerns
I never really knew fear

But now I have children
They are my breath
Part of my being
Until my own death

So now I know fear
I know what it means
To worry about them
Whether newborns or teens

My job as a mother
To nurture and nourish
To protect my children
And ensure that they flourish

And so I understand
When offered a prevention or cure
From disease and illness
Why parents say, sure!

Why wouldn’t you take it
This offer too good to be true
To spare them from measles, whooping cough and the flu

A simple injection, a needle, a jab
It all must be safe
Because it comes from a lab

The doctor recommended it
And so you complied
The government said it was safe
But the government lied

Over 3 billion dollars
The U.S. has paid out
To those damaged by vaccines
Proved beyond doubt

They say they’re effective
Safe and inert
So why aren’t doctors providing the vaccine insert?

The one with ingredients listed
And side effects too
How you might get paralysed
From your shot against the flu

Don’t expect anything
From the manufacturers though
If you get injured
They won’t part with their dough

Immunity is what manufacturers are provided
By our own government
Tell us that’s not one sided

If your child is injured
They get seizures, are paralysed
Or worse still, if your child then dies

Expect nothing
Because nothing is what you’ll get
They’ll blame it on SIDS
And then they’ll forget

They’ll conveniently forget
How they forced your hand
How they said it was safe
How they didn’t ask but demand

They demanded you comply
Without any information
Without informed consent
Coerced vaccination

They’ll dismiss you and scoff
When you say vaccines did it
And there’s no information to help you
Because the CDC hid it

People are scared to ask questions
Doctors afraid to speak out
Lest they lose their jobs
When helping is what they’re about

So understand me when I ask
For better vaccine safety
For transparency, truth
It’s for the sake of our babies.

~ by Leah Talipeau

Thank you so much Leah for this wonderful poem!

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