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‘No Vax No Visit’ claims another healthy Dad

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lindsey day died suddenly after flu & dtap vaccines

It was recently reported that Lindsey Day, a previously healthy 39 year old Dad, died after receiving Influenza and Whooping Cough (dTpa) vaccines ahead of the birth of his step-daughter’s baby.

Photo of Lindsey and his wife Vanessa courtesy of Nine News

We wish to extend our sincere condolences to Lindsey’s wife and family for this entirely preventable tragedy.

Readers will also recall the tragic story of Ben Hammond – another previously healthy Dad – who in 2012, was permanently disabled by the Whooping Cough vaccine (dTpa) he was required to receive (the same vaccine Lindsey received) under the ‘cocooning strategy’.

The ‘cocooning strategy’, and its other incarnation, ‘No Vax No Visit’, are creations of the Global Pertussis Initiative (GPI), an industry lobby group purporting to be a scientific forum, whose ultimate goal is universal child and adult Pertussis vaccination.

Current vaccination strategies need to be reinforced. Expanded vaccination should include adding booster doses to existing childhood schedules (preschool or adolescent) and booster doses for those specific adult subgroups that have the highest risk of transmitting B. pertussis infection to infants (i.e., new parents, other contacts of newborns, and health care workers). More epidemiological studies and studies of disease transmission and the cost-effectiveness of vaccination would be valuable, and surveillance, diagnostic improvements, and educational campaigns are needed for implementation. However, as a prelude to universal adult vaccination, immediate universal adolescent vaccination should be instituted in countries in which it is economically feasible.

Source: New Pertussis Vaccination Strategies beyond Infancy: Recommendations by the Global Pertussis Initiative

Expectant parents have been recruited to the vaccine police force

These strategies are particularly cynical and predatory in that new parents are being encouraged by health authorities, via industry fronts, to bully and coerce friends and relatives into vaccination under threat of losing visiting privileges for their newborn.  It’s impossible to imagine a more toxic, socially divisive strategy.

The most prominent promoter of No Vax No Visit in Australia is Light for Riley

Expectant parents are essentially prescribing a medical procedure for their relatives, and then meting out punishment if they do not comply!

At a time when new parents should be celebrating the precious gift of a new baby, many are now wracked with fear that their friends and relatives may be harbouring germs that will kill their baby!

It is not right that this is happening, but it is not the fault of these naive parents that they are being misled in such a cynical way, and what person wouldn’t agree to submit to vaccination when they have been misled to believe that they may kill a newborn if they don’t!

The first face of the GPI in Australia was Dana McCaffery who died in 2009.  Her parents, Toni and David McCaffery, who actively seek to suppress any criticism of vaccination, headed an advertising campaign for Sanofi Pasteur in 2014.

Photo: courtesy of Dana McCaffery – Whooping Cough Awareness Facebook page

Despite the fact there has never been a shred of evidence to show that vaccinating close contacts of newborns will protect them from Whooping Cough, and plenty of evidence to show that it won’t, the GPI has been hugely successful in expanding vaccine uptake to more and more sub-populations over time via its cocooning strategy.

The predatory, and totally false and misleading ‘Big Bad Cough’ advertising campaign by GlaxoSmithKline, as seen on U.S. television, can be viewed below.

Due to the success of the ‘cocooning strategy’ in expanding the vaccine market to adults, the same formula is likely to be adopted as a blueprint for future orchestrated campaigns for different vaccines.  In fact, it is already being used with respect to Influenza vaccination, which health authorities are now claiming confers protection on the immunocompromised and those too young to be vaccinated.

GPI’s pervasive influence on domestic policy

It is easy to forget that merely 15 years ago, adolescents and adults were not vaccinated against Whooping Cough at all (as adolescents and adults), yet now it is the norm.

The first adult/adolescent Whooping Cough vaccine to be licensed in Australia was Boostrix dTpa, in 2000, with the first cocooning recommendations following in 2003.  These recommendations included health care workers, childcare workers, adolescents, new parents, and other close contacts of newborns.

Although the recommendation for health care workers to receive an adult Whooping Cough booster was implemented soon after, it was not until 2009, when Dana McCaffery died, that more widespread adult vaccination was pushed with fervour, with all states and territories, except for Tasmania and South Australia, funding expensive programs for new parents and/or grandparents between 2009 and 2012.

Whooping Cough vaccination of pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy was subsequently recommended in 2013, but was not pushed with fervour until the death of Riley Hughes in March 2015.

According to Tyrannical Times, Dr. Paul Effler of WA Health recruited Catherine and Greg Hughes (Light for Riley) to be the face of the pregnancy campaign.

It was widely reported back in March 2015, that the Western Australian health department had fast-tracked an antenatal Whooping Cough vaccine program, allegedly in response to the death of Hughes’ son Riley.  However, a document obtained through Freedom of Information, and provided to the author, clearly shows that the pregnancy program was instigated by WA Health doctor Paul Effler – not in response to Riley Hughes’ death on 17 March 2015 – but rather, on 13 March 2015, which was on or around the day Riley Hughes was first admitted to hospital.

The Whooping Cough pregnancy vaccine was eventually subsidised under the National immunisation Program, commencing on 01 July this year.

We reported last week that Australia’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Professor Brendan Murphy has admitted to the influence of the Hughes and McCafferys on the enactment of the coercive No Jab No Pay/Play laws, but behind these mandatory vaccination campaigners stands the predatory pharmaceutical industry that will stop at nothing to expand their markets.

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