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Reminder: Conscientious Objection permitted in New South Wales until the end of this year

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As most of you will already know, the New South Wales parliament recently passed legislation abolishing the right to conscientiously object to vaccination for the purpose of enrolment in early education services in that state.  The law takes effect on 01 January 2018.

However, as the law applies only to those enrolments on or after that date, and not existing enrolments, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children may still be enrolled up until 31 December 2017, even if the placement does not commence until 2018.

So, if you were considering enrolling your child in an early education service next year, please ensure the enrolment is finalised before the end of this year.

How to Register a Conscientious Objection to Vaccination

The Interim Vaccination Objection Form for the purpose of enrolment in NSW Child Care Centres is available from the NSW Health website.  You should download and print a copy from the website and bring it to a consultation with a GP or authorised nurse immuniser. The medical practitioner or authorised nurse immuniser should keep the original copy of the form and give you a copy to take to the child care centre for enrolment.

See the AVN’s No Jab No Play (NSW) page for further information about the current NSW law.

Note: This will not qualify you to receive Commonwealth childcare subsidies, only enrolment.

The AVN continues to lobby for your rights

There is no question that our rights remain under attack in Australia (and many other countries around the world) but we will not give up this fight until the right to decline vaccination is reinstated in Australia.

The AVN is run by unpaid volunteers who contribute countless hours of their own time to the cause of vaccine freedom, safety and transparency.  Your support of the AVN via membership is essential for our organisation to continue to help you and others like you in our community. Your membership will enable us to continue to lobby both Federal and State politicians to overturn draconian vaccine laws, forge networks with international pro-choice organisations and individuals, and bring international speakers to Australia.

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