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The suffering continues-does the government care?

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Dear AVN,

Our family will lose 2 lots of $ 720 – $ 1440 Family Supplement

Our two girls are 16 and 18 and I was sent a letter from Centrelink, asking them to catch up on 18 years of shots to be up to date with the Immunisation Schedule.

Quote from Centrelink:

“ What you need to do. “

“If your children have missed vaccinations on the National Immunisation Program early childhood vaccination schedule, you will need to talk to your vaccination provider (including general Practitioners) and commence a suitable catch-up schedule for their age.

Children aged under 10 can be vaccinated for free by vaccination providers under the Australian Government’s Immunise Australia Program.

For a limited time, if Bethany and Melanie have missed vaccinations on the National Immunisation Program early childhood vaccination schedule, you can vaccinate them for free after consulting with your vaccination provider.

You need to take this letter with you and show it to your vaccination provider to be eligible.

To assist your vaccination provider in determining a suitable catch-up schedule  for your child, please take a copy of your child’s immunisation history ( I do not have a history  – as none of my 12 children were ever vaccinated ) statement with you as well.

You may incur a cost for the consultation with your vaccination provider.”

So Centrelink have been instructed to make this “No Jab, no Pay “ law retrospective by 18 years !  Is that legal? I have never heard of a new law being backdated 18 years – surely it should be from now on – the date they passed the legislation?

So if  I was to be so stupid to get my girls to “catch up” they may be jabbed with 28 vaccines in a very short space of time. (ed note – the real total at the age of 18 would be closer to 70 vaccines – not 28) This would be potentially very dangerous, after reading about a young boy who died, after having 9 shots in one day!

Grateful for all the good work you do. Supporting you financially as well.


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We are very much affected by this policy. I would be starting work this year, but now it’s not worth me putting three kids into various types of care. I would end up with very little left so I’m staying home.

I won’t be getting coerced into injecting.


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My daughter had been avoiding vaccination for her two daughters until now.

She is now a solo mother with little contribution from their father. With one at school and one at daycare

She cannot afford the loss of support. She either has to give up her job or give in. Reluctantly, she has joined the catch-up program against her will. Is going as slowly as possible in the hope the law may be changed.

I believe this may be a common story.


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I am a single mother who left a domestic violence relationship. I allow my daughter’s father to pick her up from school 3 days per week and care for her on the weekends when I work because I cannot afford the full cost of childcare every day that I work. My daughter would prefer to go to after school care and have her babysitter care for her because she is sometimes worried when her dad gets very angry and shouts.

I cannot risk immunisation for her because her older siblings had really bad reactions to immunisation and she has anaphylaxis. Both her dad and I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I was advised against immunisation by an eminent medical specialist.

My daughter has special needs in terms of sensory processing disorder and has to be very careful about what she eats in terms of her allergies.  I work part-time so that I can get enough income to pay for housing, food and bills whilst being there as much as I can for her before and after school.  We have no functional grandparents to help out.

Not getting childcare benefit or family supplement wiĺl mean my daughter needs to be with her father, even if that is not the safest option, because I have no other realistic choice. I need to work to be able to stay in our flat and afford school costs and pay food and bills.


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As a single mother of an 11yr old, I have worked on a full-time/part-time and casual basis whilst also undertaking two degrees and two diplomas throughout the past 10 years. I also have a cousin who has autism, suspected as a result of vaccinations.
I have worked in the health food/nutritional science industry for over 17 years and throughout my work and related studies, I have heard numerous accounts of suspect illness and disability cases as a result of childhood vaccinations.
I will not be vaccinating my child under this criminal threat – the No Jab/No Pay Policy should be revised immediately.
I am a full time university student and I am currently (and unfortunately) 100% reliant on government financial help. I suffer from a chronic illness and I am a full time single mother of an academically advanced and professionally athletic child.
At present, I cannot afford to live with any less money than I already live off. I am stuck in dire straights simply because I made a choice, 11 years ago, to look after my child in the best and most informed way that resonated with my upbringing and educated knowledge. I should not feel threatened to change my beliefs as a result of our governments’ unruly threat.
Unfortunately, I may have to sacrifice my health to return to work, although, to be honest, this will be a detriment to the government as I will require more BULK BILLED medical appointments, more Centrelink payments until I complete my degree and until I obtain full time work with a higher pay bracket and my child (who has no other family for support) will have less of me to lean on.
My unvaccinated child has been surrounded by many, many vaccinated children over the years, particularly in his infant and toddler years, who were unwell with illnesses that they had been vaccinated AGAINST. How can this have happened? How can children suffer from what they have been vaccinated against? My child never became ill with what he was surrounded by (eg. Whooping Cough).
WHY does our government insist that people take all measures to vaccinate ‘against’ illness, and no accountability measures are encouraged to actively encourage people to PREVENT illness by building healthy and strong immune systems:
  • Breast Feed YOUR CHILD to improve its immune system (12months at least)
  • Consume the recommend foods under the government’s dietary food plan – keep to at least a hand-FULL of fruit and vegetables every day PLUS adequate sleep and ample water intake
  • Natural supplements and medicines DO work
  • Consider your child’s NATURAL immunity – we are all born to naturally fight disease/illness. All we need to do is look after our health naturally, to encourage a strong immune system
  • STAY educated.
And a final note: why, in this beautiful country with such a well-known fair legal system are we placed under such an undemocratic threat?
Responsible mother of one.
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For me, this will mean that I have to refuse an afternoon shift at work as it isn’t worth paying for the kids to be in after school care for what I will earn.  I am single and trying to build up my new Pilates Instructing business which includes contracting to other studios. Unfortunately, unless I can find another care solution, I will have to drop a shift in a studio that I was really hoping to gain more hours in.  My aim is to get to a point where I do not need any Single Parenting Payment and fully support myself, yet the Government is actually working against me in achieving this goal.
I won’t go on about how wrong and disgusting No Jab No Pay is as I know we are all on the same page with  those thoughts.  I know I personally will never have faith in our political system to implement fair and just policies and of course, this will have a flow on effect to my children as they are aware of how this is affecting us.
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My daughter is about to turn 3 and I was gearing myself up to go back to full time work. With the new legislation, I unfortunately will not be able to make this happen as it simply would not be feasible with no rebate on the childcare.

There is a strong link of adverse reactions in our family and so we have chosen not to vaccinate her. This is putting tremendous pressure on our family and marriage. Please revoke this law as it is causing more harm than good.
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In response to your email, I thought I would let you know how the no jab no pay legislation is affecting me….
I had worked for the State government since the late 90’s. I resigned in the first week of January 2016 as the cost of before and after school care without the rebate would not leave have left much, and also the hassle of commuting into the city.
The positive to this is, I am no longer paying income tax, but the downside is I am not accumulating super and my career has suffered.
I am lucky that my husband earns enough money to support the family.
So basically, the new legislation has backfired for the government in my instance. They now do not receive my income tax.
I will not be forced to immunise my children to receive childcare rebates.
I do not believe a person’s right to choose should be taken away from them.
My children are healthy, happy kids, who have never been hospitalised and rarely get sick.
I wish to remain anonymous as the fear of being labelled an anti-vaxer isn’t worth being ostracised for myself and family, which is very sad that people don’t have a voice anymore.
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Thank you for the opportunity to relate the events that have transpired since the introduction of this incompetent piece of legislation.

We have two granddaughters aged 2.5 and 4yrs, who were attending childcare 3 days a week (in Melbourne Victoria) which was rebated. Since January, they have been lovingly looked after 3 days a week by my wife and I – who are a couple in our mid sixties.

This has allowed our son to work full-time and daughter-in-law to continue working 3 days per week. Though we enjoy the children very much, it is a taxing exercise, especially given that 5 years ago, my wife broke her neck in a fall and cannot turn her head sideways–at all, making certain tasks a bit more painstaking.

These care arrangements have certainly restricted our ability to travel, and visit other family members interstate, but it has meant that the family has retained its ability to keep a working income without being forced to vaccinate their girls involuntarily. And the girls are in perfect health, are not carriers of disease (frequently claimed by pro-vaccination advocates) and are doing very well in all their milestones (the eldest granddaughter has Downs Syndrome and we appreciate the importance of readying her for school).

However, we recognise our girls being able to remain completely healthy without the need for forced and involuntary injections that could place them at considerable risk – a risk we and their parents are unwilling to take, in spite of the denials from doctors, pharmaceutical companies and politicians.

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I would appreciate if my name was not included in publications, but understand that for authenticity, it may be required for the Court.

We are a family of 6. The kids are for the most part fully vaccinated, but there’s only so many coincidences of change in health and behaviour that we could accept. We made the choice, the right choice, to discontinue vaccinations for our kids. We can be punished for that forever, and it won’t change our decision. It was the right decision for these particular children.

We are both self employed, and have previously done a lot of community work.

I can’t say that no jab, no pay has affected us financially too much, because it hasn’t. We just don’t use childcare anymore because we couldn’t afford it.

I don’t even know if our family will survive the emotional stress this has had on us.

The stress in our household is monumental. There are regular breakdowns, from me, from the kids who feel the stress or who get upset because I don’t have time to do things with them anymore. The eldest 2 now take on the ‘babysitting’ role, when they should be playing, or doing homework, or doing their own chores. My husband, who works a physically demanding job all day, has to come home to a household that used to be in perfect routine, now he comes to stress.

I am doing my best to get what used to be 3-4 days/week of work done within the 2 hour sleep periods of our smallest one, while I literally put my 4 year old in front of the TV with a movie on- every day. Then at night, after dinner is done, I’m back in the office… at times until 1am. Then up again in the morning to do the routine all over again. Sometimes the little one doesn’t settle for a sleep, or sometimes the dog barks and wakes him up early. No work gets done those days. No money comes in those days. I’m tired, I’m really tired. This is not the parent I want to be. This is not the wife I want to be.

I used to spend time writing grant funding applications for 3 different Community groups. I don’t do that anymore. I don’t have the time. I used to arrange Community fundraising events. That doesn’t happen anymore. Our whole community is affected, literally, and they don’t even realise it.

I used to spend the weekends with my husband and children, doing ‘family’ things. I don’t do that anymore.

We used to have lots of fun, we used to socialise all the time within our Community. Now I just play catch up, all the time.

When people ask me why he’s not in care anymore, I try not to get upset. I just laugh and say because we are the ‘bad parents’ that the media likes to bang on about, that we fall into the ‘conscientious objector’ category so we can’t afford care anymore. Most are okay, and upset for us, some are confused because the policy didn’t affect them so they had no idea. Everyone who knows us, know how well our children are cared for, and that we aren’t bad parents.

It’s not just the time factor that makes me tired, it’s the disappointment in the pit of my stomach that people really do believe we are terrible parents, to the point that they no longer want our contribution to the Australian economy. It’s the judgement and continual one-sided media reporting that is just so depressing.

I’m sure we’ll get into a better routine soon, and all will be well again. Until then, we’ll just suck it up, because our decision will not change.


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Hello AVN,

Thank you for taking an interest in supporting our liberties as conscientious parents. We value your convictions and really appreciate your opposition to the No Jab, No Pay legislation. We believe this is effectively blackmail to coax cash-strapped families like ourselves into a position against our will. They obviously do not understand the depth of our own conviction. We will not compromise the health of our family, nor change our medical choices based on tyranny and efforts to feed the pharmaceutical industry.

As average renting Australians on one wage, we would rather live in poverty first. This of course means that society will pay either way. In this day, we now understand why our constitution had a medical freedom clause, to try to prevent such divisive control. We are sixth generation Australians with more than 150 years of contributions to this beautiful country. Yet we will happily leave Australia and home before bowing to oppressive governance. In all my years, this act is the most hostile I have seen towards a fringe group in society.

Sadly, powerful forces are at play against young families like ourselves trying to pursue happiness and health. Our children have food intolerance, eczema and other immune sensitives. Several decades ago, those with allergies and environmental sensitives used to be protected and even recommended to forgo vaccines by the medical establishment. It is no longer seen as a reason to avoid immunisations, despite no further evidence suggesting they are safe, especially for this group of vulnerable kids. We cannot get medical exemption, so we have chosen to avoid vaccines to reduce toxic exposure and risk. These sensitives in society are ever on the increase with each generation with little explanation. I believe this expensive taxpayer legislation will have little impact on immunisation rates, as parents like ourselves will continue to make their stand. Penalising us financially is just another insult and serves us a message that society doesn’t care for our plight.

Please present our testimony in this fight.


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Thank you so much for your good work.

I’m a mother of 6 children, my husband is a farmer with fairly low income.  I run two small businesses from home.  And every dollar counts.  Sometimes it’s very difficult to balance the family budget, and sometimes basics like food and access to education is impacted upon.

Professionally, I’m a paediatric occupational therapist and I have been working with children with various types of disabilities and difficulties for 20 years.

I first started to question vaccination because as an OT, the most severely disabled children I have ever worked with, both in Australia and abroad, had their disabilities openly attributed to vaccine damage.  I also have a very strong grounding in natural health, and in fostering health through daily healthy choices.

Naturally, when I had my own children, I looked into ways to keep them healthy, and prevent the disabilities I see in clients.  And this led us to make an informed choice to never vaccinate our children and to use other well-established and researched methods to prevent serious illness and promote health and well-being.  Incidentally, we have 6 healthy, calm, happy, thriving children who have never needed antibiotics or even Panadol/Neurofen, and who very rarely require a visit to a medical practitioner.  What we are doing from a health perspective is working very well.

I find it a gross injustice that my family and children are financially disadvantaged through our own health care choices.  Our choices don’t create any burden to the taxation/Medicare system of Australia – and we as a family choose to take full responsibility for the healthcare of our family.  For my children to have their parents have to choose to vaccinate them or suffer financial hardship reminds me a lot of the disempowerment created by governments in historical times that many cultures are now ashamed of e.g. Hitler’s choice to force certain conditions on the population he was governing.

I don’t feel confident in vaccinations to be able to preserve my children’s health and to prevent serious illness.  There is ample scientific evidence that I have available to me as a health practitioner to support my choice as a parent not to vaccinate my children.  The Australian Government, in my opinion, is making a serious mistake in linking the choice to vaccinate with the family budget, and potentially depriving children of other elements in life that combine to give them a good quality of life that is valued and desired in Australia.  This is not the type of regulation I would expect from a modern democracy.  It is the type of decision I would expect from a government who are happier to listen to big pharmaceutical industry interests rather than the interests of everyday families who value children.

Our family will not be swayed to vaccinate our children.  This heavy-handed legislation will serve only to encourage us to educate our own children about the intricate details of why we have chosen not to vaccinate them.  This legislation will only serve to make us more motivated to ensure that everyday Australian’s have the opportunity to make a truly informed choice.  And in my health care work, when I am in contact with families, I will choose to continue to speak honestly and openly with them.  No matter how much pressure the government attempts to put on our family budget, we will not partake in the possibility of poisoning or harming our children.

I’m pleased that these matters and how it impacts on real Australians are being considered.  I’m pleased to be able to share my story so that you can see I am well educated, I have personal interaction with vaccine damaged children who suffer lifelong consequences, and I’m very motivated that the right to choose the types/modalities of health care for our children remain with the children’s parents/caregivers.


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I have two children and they are both on the spectrum. I do not have relatives here and not many friends. I had to go back to an unhappy and sometimes abusive relationship because of this no jab, no pay policy. I try to work part time because I can leave my daughter with before/after school care but from next month, I can’t leave her there anymore because I simply can’t afford the full fee. I can’t make myself get my daughter fully immunised because I can’t afford to have another severely autistic child like my son. I hope the government will come to their senses and let parents decide on things like this.

Please do not publish my name. Thanks.

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Thanks for your work to address this very big and important issue, which is a bullying act worse than some people experience at work and get help for.
We are a family with 2 boys – 4 and 2 yrs old. After feeling intimidated by our previous family doctor to vaccinate our oldest at 2 months of age, we have not allowed them to have any jabs.
I have done extensive research. I study in the health field and we are adamant to keep these injections away from our kids.
It makes me furious that someone wants to tell us how to keep our kids so-called “healthy” when our boys are exceptionally healthy children by way of our parenting choices. None of this legislation has anything to do with a real care for healthy kids and families, but everything to do with money.
As for us, our youngest will miss out on having peer-contact, because childcare is now out of our reach. We cannot afford the horrendous fees of a child care centre, let alone the loss of family tax benefit A. It is a real shame since our little boy loves playing with other kids and had always enjoyed his time in the child care centre.
The proof it’s all nonsense about herd immunity is the fact that we could continue his attendance if money was no issue. What regular family can claim that for themselves? He is not excluded due to being unvaccinated, but simply the financial force on us causing us to withdraw him.
My husband and I have consciously searched out and learned that what Big Pharma and the Pharmaceutical Industry want to make us believe is not what is truly going on. We do not want to be on the wheel of their business as none of the products they offer for preventative immune health care are safe nor sound enough for our kids. We do not trust them to have our children’s best interest at heart.
Now we are forced to believe the same of this government. We prefer raising our already healthy boys superhealthy in ways the Pharmaceutical Industry will never get a cent for and we ought to have the right to do that since we are their guardians. Using financial pressure on families highlights the fact how dubious and double-minded this legislation really is.
I hope and pray you will be victorious in the High Court. We have given financial allegiance towards it shall it come so far.
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Please find below my impact statement. I ask to remain anonymous due to the horrific discrimination that is unfortunately very prevalent in this country right now. But if I can help in some other way, please do let me know.
All of my 35 years of life, I have suffered severe and chronic asthma, eczema, hay-fever and multiple (confirmed and diagnosed) allergies. In and out of hospitals all my life. I discovered a few years back that I have an MTHFR homogenous gene defect that means I cannot process toxins very well. A great deal of research is demonstrating that this gene defect can be ‘switched on’ by the ingredients in vaccines(1).
Because my husband also suffers from asthma, eczema and hay-fever, there was a 6-fold increased chance that my son would also suffer from these (at times) crippling ailments. Yet he does not have any of these conditions. Nor has he ever had an ear infection and he has visited the doctor merely 4 times in his 4.5 years – once was due to a small infected cut on his finger. He has never had any of the diseases that vaccines were designed to prevent.
After much research into the education I wanted for my son (taking on the advice of my mother and sister who both teach/taught in primary education in Australia), my husband and I decided upon Montessori education. Thankfully, as my son was enrolled in Cycle 1 Montessori (age 3-5) before the introduction of No Jab/No Play here in Victoria, he is able to complete his Montessori education as high as the year 10 or until we decide otherwise.
Unfortunately, now that I am pregnant, my next child will not be able to enjoy the same Montessori education. In order to qualify for Cycle 2, (age 6-8) Primary aged Montessori education, a child must complete Cycle 1 (age 3-5). Because my to-be unvaccinated child will not be allowed to attend Cycle 1, our opportunity for Montessori education is gone.
This deeply saddens me because my children are already being discriminated against due to the possibility of catching a disease – not even having the disease itself – when my child is one of the healthiest children people come across. It also saddens me because my rights to choose the type of education for my children has been snatched away from me – even when I have valid reasons for preventing my children from being vaccinated with the very real possibility of them suffering life long auto immune diseases when they could very realistically suffer through a bout of chicken pox or measles just fine given how healthy my son is.
I take care of my son – I ensure he eats well, we limit his sugar and he rarely watches TV. I do all that I can for my child, with his best interests at heart. Yet I am not allowed to send my next child to follow in his footsteps because one of them might catch a disease and they then might pass it on to a child who is already vaccinated against said disease.
No vaccine is 100% effective, nor is any vaccine 100% risk free. So why is my choice of education being taken away from me when I don’t believe the risks outweigh the benefits for our family? I no longer feel like I belong in a country where freedom of choice of education is acknowledged or granted. And I feel for those far worse off than me who are suffering financially from facing the very real risk of serious lifelong adverse effects of vaccines.

(1) Reif DM, McKinney BA, Motsinger AA, Chanock SJ, Edwards KM, Rock MT, Moore JH, Crowe JE. Genetic basis for adverse events after smallpox vaccination. J Infect Dis. 2008; 198(1): 16-22. PMID: 18454680

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Here is my story.
I am a single mother who is just trying to make it.
I have immigrated here 6 years ago, got separated from my Australian husband after two years of marriage, ending up as an immigrant and sole parent in this country. My girl is four years old now. I have set up a small business while she was 3, but still not having enough income so pretty much relying on Centrelink. Last year I have done a bridging course from Southern Cross University, 4 units, to be able to apply for a degree. Luckily, I have passed all and got accepted into my dream bachelor degree – Clinical Sciences and Osteopathy.
Now this year, I could not afford daycare to start my degree. It was sad. The daycare I wanted to send her asked me to pay $75 a day and 3 days of daycare needed to do 2 units at a time, which would not be possible. I decided to take a year off from everything, as I got really depressed where I did manage to get what I want, but some big stone fell right in front of me called NJNP. It was also confusion of it that made me depressed. It took months and months where no one including Centrelink could say what is going to happen. So living in this mayhem situation, I could not handle it.
At the moment, I am travelling, but that is almost the only way I could survive psychologically against this law which has huge effects on my life.
Next year, I am hoping to start studying and sending my daughter to kindy. Still, I have hesitation that she is not going to be accepted there and other parents are already moving away or homeshchooling their kids which is not an option for me if I want to study and get a better future for myself and her.
I would not mind coming to court and tell my story if needed.
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We are a family of four.  I haven’t been able to work for years due to illness (fibromyalgia).  My husband works full-time as a police officer.  We are in serious debt and the cost of living is consuming us.
We rent (in our 40s), we have no savings, we juggle from pay to pay.
Taking away this payment will not change our decision not to immunise but it will make us suffer financially even further.
In addition to the financial loss, we feel disgusted and repulsed.  My husband risks his life everyday for an average wage to protect the community. He pays his taxes  just like everyone else, and we are entitled to any benefit other members of the community are entitled to.
It’s criminal to force people into immunisation – a medical procedure.
The immunisation rates are very high in this country – this is just awful to target the few that choose not to when the government know very well this has no bearing on the overall ‘herd immunity’ – if one believes such a thing exists.  It’s criminal and it’s just typical. Disgusting and we are getting more and more disappointed with our government and the direction Australia is heading into.
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