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More stories from families adversely affected by No Jab No Pay/Play

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Human Rights
Thank you to everyone who has shared their impact statements with the AVN. As we did yesterday, we will continue to publish your stories on this website. We continue to ask that everyone who will be adversely affected by No Jab No Pay/ No Play legislation, submit their stories via our web contact form at this link
The first letter on this page is from a parent who has asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. She has directed her plea for help to Ms Kym Peake, head of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and Mr Martin Bowles, Secretary of the Department of Health, Victoria. We hope that these two bureaucrats will find some compassion for an obviously distressed, loving, articulate and very intelligent parent.

Human Rights

Attn: Ms. Kym Peake and Mr. Martin Bowles

Dear Sir and Madam,

This letter pertains to the recent changes in legislation regarding vaccination. Writing to you is my last attempt at securing the future of my family. Current law states that you have the authority to grant exemptions, and so I appeal for your assistance.

This matter requires your urgent attention. Please, I request that you comprehend the weight of my circumstance, and I respectfully submit that you conscientiously acknowledge and regard my genuine appeal.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is XXXXXXXXXXXX. I am a dedicated and loving mother to two boys, aged four and one. I only have my children’s best interests at heart. I have a nursing background, and used to be pro-vaccine until I was adversely affected. My stance is that I do not wish to harm my children as I was harmed. This is reasonable and responsible, given my duty of care. I would be negligent if I were to knowingly put my children at risk.

In order for you to appreciate the request posed to you in this letter, I must disclose some personal information. I ask for it to remain confidential, only to be shared with those who are directly involved in the decision-making process. For the past four years, my children and I have been subject to various forms of domestic violence at the hands of their father. As of September last year, I took the appropriate steps to make a positive change which freed my family from the burdens of abuse. I have been the sole earner and the sole parent. I do not have family to help care for my children, I bear full responsibility. As such, I have chosen to begin a business so as to break free from the cycle of poverty. This is gaining momentum. However, given the recent change in legislation regarding vaccination, all my efforts to contribute to my family and to society will be thwarted. ‘No jab, no play/pay’ is an unfair and discriminatory law. The direct impact is detrimental on so many levels, and relating the full foreseeable effects of this change to you is far beyond the scope of this letter. Even so, I will attempt to convey some of the consequences of this government’s coercive tactic.

It is important to further establish why I have chosen not to vaccinate my children.

Some years ago, I experienced a severe reaction to vaccines. I do not have absolute documented proof to substantiate my claim, but I do have personal experience, and this is not to be trifled with. I am willing to sign an affidavit to this effect. First, I will do no harm. In this case, the risk of harm outweighs the perceived benefit. This statement is supported by the general knowledge that genetic constitution is the variable which determines how a person reacts to any medical procedure. It goes without saying that my children have my DNA, and, therefore, are at an increased risk of experiencing adverse effects in response to vaccination. I will not gamble with their health. My duty of care to my children requires my outright refusal to consent to this medical procedure.

My family doctor has explained that he will not sign a medical exemption form because he is concerned that he will face retribution. This is why I seek your assistance, as you are the only one who can provide an exemption according to the law. Again, knowing full well that my duty of care is for my children’s well-being, I cannot consent to this medical procedure being performed. Not on any grounds – especially based on something akin to bribery. I will not seek to have my children vaccinated so that they will have permission to attend childcare, and I will not back down on my stance so as to receive financial remuneration. The Australian government is shamelessly coercing me using my weakened socio-economic state as leverage to fulfill its public agenda.

Another important fact is that, were I to succumb to the promise of financial support in return for my consent, there is no recourse to take if a severe adverse reaction occurs. Nobody is liable. As a concerned parent, I need to know that somebody will be personally responsible should either or both of my children exhibit the changes that I experienced – or worse. Without meaning to antagonise you, I ask if you are willing to undertake this moral and legal responsibility. If you are not, please give careful thought to the consequences that your decisions will have upon my immediate plans to move forward and upward as a contributor to society, and the long term effects this will have upon my children’s opportunities for education and social development.

I am aware that you, as the Secretary, are unable to overturn laws, but you do have the power to grant exemptions. I do not ask you to agree that the new laws are iniquitous, but I do appeal to your reason and conscience. Please help me. I am only protecting my children. We have the human right to voluntarily elect to have medical procedures performed on our bodies. We have the human right to not be coerced into forced consent. We have the human right to education. We have the human right to participate in and contribute to society without being marginalised or discriminated against for any reason – including non-vaccination status.

As I mentioned above, I will attempt to convey some of the predominant consequences of this coercive tactic upon my family. Please consider that this is all true and current.

My children attend childcare three days a week. As of next month, due to financial restrictions placed upon me for reasonable non-consent, I will need to reduce my four year old boy’s attendance to one day a week and will need to completely withdraw my youngest from care. My four year old is due to start school next year, and I do not believe for an instant that attending preschool one day a week is sufficient preparation. He will automatically be at a disadvantage. The cost of maintaining his attendance will put an inordinate amount of financial pressure on my household. My youngest will not have sufficient exposure to other children, which will limit his social development, and he will not be exposed to early education. Needing to stay home with him will place a heavy burden on me to remain unemployed. The ramifications of this are far-reaching, and I am sure you can appreciate the extent of devastating effects.

I am sincerely trying to express to you that I am being punished for refusing to vaccinate. As I stated earlier, this law is akin to bribery and coercion. Please comprehend that I am not willing to put my children at risk, given my medical history. Please help me regain my life, and please help my children remain in our society. It is almost unbearable to know that my family’s prospects are contained within a stroke of your pen, but the reality is that you hold the power to decide to help us. Please help us.

I hope that the clarity of this communication is sufficient. However, if you wish to contact me personally to discuss this matter, I will be more than happy to speak with you or continue corresponding with you.
Thank you for your kind attention. I hope for a prompt response.

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I have had the same daycare since my eldest has attended care. He is now 9.
My second child is currently in his last year, however they are saying now that my third (2 years old) cannot be enrolled as she is unvaccinated. I was completely willing to pay the full fees, but they are choosing to not allow me to enroll her.

It was going to cost me a lot of money, but I was willing to work harder to allow her to go.


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We will be losing the childcare rebate this coming week. This could send us into financial hardship as my whole wage will go to childcare. I am unsure yet how we will cope, but we may have to sell our house. If it comes to this, my husband and I have said we will stand united and do what has to be done.

They will not be able to coerce us anymore. My child’s health or money? My children come first!

Another thing I would like to ask is, I am hearing we have to let Centrelink cancel payments to avoid a debt. Is this right? Or is this saying they really are unsure of who is having catch up vaccinations and who are not?

In answer to your question, according to what the government claims on their website, if you do not inform them that you have no intention of vaccinating and they somehow don’t realise that (because they admit that the data on the Register is as much as 50% incorrect!) and they continue to pay you, you will have to repay the funds they paid you ‘in error’. 


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Firstly, thank you for trying to fight this discriminatory piece of legislation.  I have lost complete and total faith in our system of government.

You asked for people to email regarding the financial hardship they face due to this new legislation.

I own a cafe with my mum and husband. My daughter has been partially vaccinated. We ceased after her 6-month needles and will NOT be giving her anything further, regardless of what the government takes away from us.

My daughter attends daycare twice a week and we try to juggle her and the business every other day. It can be difficult.

Our daycare fees have just changed from Approximately $25.00 per day  to over $80.

Unfortunately for us, not working is not an option as it is a family business so instead, we have chosen to cut back our budget to allow for the increased fees….

We will not be blackmailed into vaccinating our daughter.  We have removed all “Luxury Items” from our budget. These include, but are not limited to – removing our hospital cover from our private health insurance and disconnecting Austar.

We are in the process of having our house put on the market as well. This is what is needed in order for us to survive this legislation. We hope for a quick sale.

Being low-income earners, this has hit us quite hard.  I do hope you have some success. My husband has Aspergers and his family have  a long history of mental illness. Vaccinating any further is not an option and due to the narrowing of the medical exemptions, we do not qualify for one.

I will protect my daughter and any future children we have at all costs.


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I am a single mum of an 18-month old. I am originally from New Zealand, but cannot move back as the father is Australian and has threatened legal action if I do. I receive  $150 p/wk from the Australian government to live on and to feed/clothe/shelter myself and my child. I work full time and thankfully my mother has moved over to babysit and help me.

I am not writing to complain. There are many families worse off than mine all over the world. I no longer feel happy to live in Australia not only because I am financially struggling, but because the Australian government and media provoke/bully and blame anti-vaxxers with no scientific proof needed. Without compassion and acceptance the future looks very bleak indeed.


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Yes, I am a mother of 2 and chose not to immunise my children, I am studying and working. I am nearly finished my certificate of registration and was hoping to begin my career in real estate. However, being a young family this will be impossible paying $98 a day for my daughter’s day care facility.


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Being a single mother, the new No Jab & No Play policies are affecting me being able to return to work. As I am unable to send my toddler to Day Care under the new legislation, resulting in financial hardship.


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Hi there, I don’t want my name mentioned in my message if added to the other stories, thank you.

I have 3 very healthy unvaccinated  children, 10, 7 and 2.5.

The older 2 are at primary school, but luckily my youngest hasn’t even started preschool yet. And now he won’t get the chance. He will miss out on his early education because of the government’s ridiculous BLACKMAIL. It’s taking our human rights away. I’m sad my son won’t make any friends before he starts school. Another basic human right as a kid.

We are lucky that we are able to survive on one income and government benefits, but we cannot afford full child care fees.

I refuse to vaccinate my healthy children because the government says to or else. I look around the local kids in my town and see so many with allergies, ADHD, autism, behavioral problems and always sick with a cold. And guess what. They are all vaccinated.

Yet the few unvaccinated kids are all fine. My kids average maybe 2 colds a year. My youngest has had 2 colds, period. Now tell me why I need to vaccinate!?!?

Thank you and I hope all the stories people send in help fight this absolute joke of a law!

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I’m a mother of two children: a 3 year old boy and a 9 month old girl.

My son was partially immunised and my daughter wasn’t at all. We wanted to wait for her to be 1 to immunise her against some diseases.

We were pretty well forced to start the catch-up schedule to continue receiving money for childcare. Because without this money, it wouldn’t really be worth me going back to work (part time). And if I don’t go back to work I’ll lose my job and I don’t want that because I really like it.

How can a modern country like Australia can force people to immunise their children against all these diseases? Most of them don’t exist anymore in Australia. How they justify, for example, that a one day old baby needs  hepatitis B shot?!?! A sexually transmitted disease. That’s nonsense.

I’m really angry and disappointed about the government choices. Where is the freedom of action?

It’s revolting to see that the Australian immunisation institute started to make people follow a program when they started to work together with the pharmaceutical industry. At the end, it’s just a matter of making more money by selling vaccines for the industry and saving money for the government (no jab no pay).

Does anyone seriously thins and cares about our children’s health?

Thank you for reading this.

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Though it is only available until 2018, not receiving the FTB Supplements means a lot when we have 6 children and plan on where our money is going each year. Factor it in that you will have it and then take it away and that discriminates – especially against a family in our position.

We homeschool our children. They have never attended childcare and do not have gatherings the size of kids in a school setting.

The time that a portion of them had chicken pox, it was from exposure to fully vaccinated chicken pox-infected children who visited. Both groups of kids (a few have had some vaccinations) were sick. Those not vaccinated do not have the sinus issues my eldest with the most vaccines does. They are well cared-for, long-term breastfed and being well-raised to benefit our country when they become contributors themselves.

Penalising families who pose no threat to society should be illegal. There are so many people getting sick from vaccinated children who are not forced to stay away when receiving their vaccinations and getting our perfectly healthy kids sick. It is distressing that over the course of the next few years, we lose over $8000  or something we feel we should be entitled to as citizens of Australia.

Discrimination is wrong and prevents us from enjoying the same standards as others because we are protecting our children from things that have proven potentially fatal side effects. We deserve the same support and supplements as all other Australian families. We deserve to not be mocked or belittled by government, media and society as a whole who are marketed to via TV advertising and apps.

We are responsible adults who do well to provide for our children on one income. Without the support that is afforded others, we are at a disadvantage. Truth be told, we should be further rewarded. We do not require tax dollars for education as our kids are homeschooled; we do not face the same bullying pressures as seen in mainstream schooling and we offer a very safe family experience by taking control of making sure our kids a cared for and not left behind in society. Especially coming from an area where we have less expectations as we do not have the funds to buy into better. Taking what is afforded others away from us is just bullying.

That’s ok though, we would rather no money from the government and have our rights.

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It’s simple. My wife was looking for work. Now there is no point, whatever she would have earned would have gone for childcare. So she stays home with the kids. You lose a taxpayer.

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My third child out of four suffered developmental regression at 12 months following the Varivax vaccine. He had developed normally until then, but now has severe autism and an intellectual disability and will require full time care for the duration of his life.

Twelve years ago, his diagnosing paediatrician acknowledged that the Varivax vaccine is capable of causing encephalitis, which he stated would explain the developmental regression and my son’s current presentation.

We decided against invasive testing due to the risks involved and the distress it would cause our son, but stopped vaccinating all of our four children. We have always qualified for medical exemption at our doctor’s discretion until now.

My husband and I divorced seven years ago and my new partner is now supporting me, and my four children that are not his. We will lose nearly $3000 in FTB supplement per year.

I will not be able to work now or in the future, even though financially I need to work, because my son will not ever be capable of staying home alone, and he is now banned from attending family day care.

Special schools don’t have school holiday care or before and after school care programs, so family day care was previously the only option for us even though he is thirteen.

This policy is a huge kick in the teeth to us, and is negatively affecting my family and I emotionally, as well as financially.

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