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A very quick election update!

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The AVN has received all the responses it is going to receive to our poll of all registered political parties running in the 2016 Federal election. Most parties did not bother to answer.

Below are the parties who have said they will go to bat for you, your family and Australian democracy.

Federal Election, 2016 Update

The AVN has received all the responses it is going to receive to our poll of all registered political parties running in the 2016 Federal election. Most parties did not bother to answer. Their silence speaks volumes. They do not support individual rights when it comes to medical procedures and they do not respect the Australian voter enough to answer questions about this vital issue.

Below are the parties who have said they will go to bat for you, your family and Australian democracy.

The AVN would like to urge you to cast your vote wisely. By casting your precious votes for these parties and not voting for the three major parties at all (Labor, Liberal or Greens), you will be letting Canberra know in no uncertain terms that you will not support their discriminatory and tyrannical policies.

In addition, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) appears to be misleading voters regarding changes to legislation about how to vote. We are being told that we need to mark 1-6 above the line or 1-12 below it. But according to the actual legislation (which you can read at this link), you only need to vote 1-6 below the line – not 1-12 (it may be safer to still vote for at least 12 candidates if voting below the line though, as your vote may be mistakenly taken as invalid if the officials are not aware of the actual wording of the legislation).

Here are the parties and individuals you could consider voting for on July 2nd, should they be standing candidates in your area. Please note that we have been informed that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party,  Australian Sovereignty Party which is running four independent candidates, Animal Justice Party, and Democratic Labour Party supports parental choice in vaccination and health though they have not responded to our letters. So you may want to consider this if casting your votes below the line:

Greg Beattie, Independent Candidate for the Senate, QLD.
Greg is an-ex-President of the AVN and a fighter for health rights for over 20 years. His candidacy seeks to introduce direct democracy, with everyone having a real say in the policies and laws that will govern them. We urge all QLD voters to consider casting a vote for Greg Beattie. Here is his How to Vote card. Please note that Greg has gotten the very last position on the Senate ballot so be sure to look all the way to the right to find him!

The Health Australia Party (HAP)
HAP will be standing candidates in NSW, QLD, VIC and WA. Their platform supports the right to health choice and opposes the restrictions posed by No Jab, No Pay and compulsory medication. You can read their statement here. Their How To Vote Card can be found at this link. If there is a HAP candidate in your state, we urge you to consider casting a vote for them.

The Consumer Rights and No Tolls Party
Jeffrey Hodges is running in the Waterford electorate in QLD. His party is opposed to tolls, fluoride in the water and No Jab, No Pay. They support sustainable environmental choices and oppose animal cruelty. You can read more of their policies at the party’s website, linked above.  We urge all voters in this electorate to consider casting a vote for Jeffrey Hodges.

The Non-Custodial Parents Party
This party believes that parents and guardians are the best people to determine what is right for children. As such, they oppose No Jab, No Pay regulations. They will be standing 2 candidates for the Senate in NSW and 2 in the House of Representatives. Their How to Vote Card can be found on their website, linked above. If there is a Non-Custodial Parents Party candidate in your state or electorate, we urge you to consider casting a vote for them.

Rise Up Australia Party
This party will be standing Senate candidates for every state and territory except Tasmania and SA and Lower House candidates for VIC, WA, the NT and QLD. This party believes that No Jab, No Pay is bribery and insulting to parents and that parents must always have the final say on health issues. If the Rise Up Australia Party is standing candidates in your state or electorate, we urge you to consider casting a vote for them.

Voteflux.org is another party that is trying to introduce a form of direct democracy similar to Greg Beattie. Since they will be voting for legislation based on the will of the people, and since poll after poll shows that Australians are opposed to mandatory vaccination, a vote for Voteflux.org would be a vote for representative government. They will be standing candidates for every state and territory with the exception of the NT. The candidate list can be found at this link and we urge you to consider casting a vote for them in your state or territory.

The Arts Party We are less than 2 years old, have over 2000 paid members, and are the only party in Australia to be crowdfunded into existence. We have 13 Senate candidates across all states and 7 standing for the House of Representatives in Bennelong, Dunkley, Franklin, Longman, Petrie, Warringah and Wentworth. We are the only party in Australia dedicated to encouraging a more creative, cultural, educated and prosperous life for every Australian. We are the only Arts Party in the World.

Don’t forget that you can read all party responses on the AVN’s blog at this link. And we ask you all to share this information with everyone you know of voting age.


Our sponsorship efforts
have surpassed $150,000!
$150,000 and counting!
We have quickly reached the almost unbelievable figure of $150,000 in our efforts to raise enough money to take on the Federal Government’s No Jab, No Pay legislation in the High Court of Australia.
We still have a long way to go however since, as you can see, we have been told that $500,000 will most likely be needed – perhaps more – before we can claim victory in this case.
The AVN would like to thank EVERYONE who has been sending in their pledges and joining and renewing as AVN members. Your support is gold!
Here are a few things we would like to tell you / ask you about in this particular update:
Several of our members and Facebook fans have put forward a few ideas to hopefully help raise more funds in a (relatively) painless way. Here are a few of those ideas – if you have others, send us a message at this link and we will share it:
(a) Set up an automatic payment from your bank account to the AVN’s No Jab No Pay sponsorship account (details below) of $5 / $10 per week or month. What one person said is that she would be willing to forego a takeaway coffee one morning a week and instead, have that money go towards protecting the rights of her children.
(b) Have a fundraising drive in your local area – a neighbourhood garage sale / cake stall / trivia night – these were just some of the ideas. All funds raised will be put towards sponsorship of our court case.
(c) For businesses and health practices (homeopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths, etc) – choose a day and advertise that a certain dollar amount ($5 for example) from each office visit or remedy sold that day will go towards the AVN. Other businesses can also donate a small percentage of their sales on one day they nominate. If enough businesses participate, we can raise a lot of funds without too much of an imposition on any one person or business.
There are more than 5,000 people reading this email; there are more than 11,000 people on the Fans of the AVN Facebook page (we realise there would be some overlap here). If every single person on this email list and on Facebook were to give just $10 a month, that would be $160,000 a month! Within 2 months, with the funds we have already collected, we would have come close to raising the $500,000 needed and nobody would be too stressed out about having to give large amounts to achieve this goal.
So how about it? Are you prepared to set up an automatic internet transfer (Westpac Bank, Account name AVN Community Solutions Cash Reserve, BSB 032591, Account number 188223) or, just visit our web page where you can provide sponsorship once a week/month (set up a reminder on your virtual or physical calendar so you won’t forget) using Paypal or your credit card.
Forward this issue

There is strength in numbers and we at the AVN needs more of you to become members. For $25 a year, you will be secure in the knowledge that our membership-driven organisation will be here supporting, protecting and informing YOU, your family, your friends and the Australian healthcare-consumer community into the future.

Membership costs $25 a year – less than 50 cents a week!

So please, consider joining as a member, renewing your membership and buying gift memberships for everyone who you think would benefit from their involvement with the AVN.

Health professionals, how about buying a gift membership for all of your pregnant clients or all those with young children?

There are so many ways to help others whilst helping the AVN. We’d be so happy to see the love being shared within the community.

Click here to join, renew or gift a membership (or ten) today!

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