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Party Response: voteflux.org

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Flux Party

Response from the deputy leader of voteflux.org:

Flux PartyFlux isn’t a party like most others. We don’t have any policies outside of parliament (and thus have no direct policies on vaccines). The purpose of Flux is to introduce better decision making systems into Parliament.
Flux is a platform to connect people and communities to the real political power they need to help Australia have the best policy we can. We use an internal voting system available to all Australian voters, and our Senators represent this vote as accurately as possible in parliament.
Flux uses a system called Issue Based Direct Democracy. The idea is that we let Australians self-organise around the issues they feel most passionately about. Voters can have more of a say in some issues by giving up the ability to have a say in others.
To see what this means for the AVN, let me give you an example showing the difference between direct democracy and issue based direct democracy:
Under a direct democratic system, your tens of thousands of members would only have the same number of votes, a small proportion of all votes.
Under issue based direct democracy, if your members wanted to forgo voting on some issues, they could move their ‘political capital’ over to more important issues, such as those around vaccines. This means their voices could be amplified, and instead of having tens of thousands of votes they could have hundreds of thousands (or more).
Flux is in early stages right now, but if we’re successful in the upcoming election we’ll be in a position to empower communities like the AVN to have more of a say on the things that matter to you.
Please let me know if you’d like more information.
Follow up email from the deputy leader:
We’re producing an explainer video currently that goes a long way to making it easier to understand (visuals really help!). If you’d like I can send that through to you when it’s done? That should only be in a day or two.

We’re hoping to help empower communities like the AVN in the future. Particularly, we’d like regular voters to be able to choose organisations like yours to represent them instead of regular old politicians. Leading up to the election, we’re planning on approaching a lot of communities to give them the same pitch: real political power. To make this as easy as possible on our end (we’re a small dedicated team) we’re going to put together packs, particularly for this purpose, so I’ll send that through when I can. It’ll have a lot more detail as to how Flux and the AVN can work together.

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