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Party response: The Voluntary Euthanasia Party

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Our party secretary, Sandi Steep passed on your email regarding VEP policy on vaccinations. Here is a statement on behalf of the VEP.

“The Voluntary Euthanasia Party VE has one major goal – to see law reform on voluntary assisted dying. We believe if someone is dying from a terminal or incurable illness, with no hope of recovery and is experiencing unacceptable pain or suffering, and has decision-making capacity, they should have the legal right to request medical assistance to end their life.

We have no position on vaccinations but if elected, VEP Members of Parliament will consider each and every piece of legislation presented by any other party on a case-by-case basis after proper consultation and information gathering. We will look at all legislation with a balanced, common sense and compassionate view. We will vote according to the evidence and in the best interest of our members and constituents.

The Voluntary Euthanasia Party will not direct preferences to any other parties and we will not suggest to voters how they should allocate their own preferences.

The voting system for the Senate has changed so by voting 1 for the VEP you will ensure that we have the best chance of representing you in the Parliament but after that you should direct preferences to other parties of YOUR choice. You have to choose a minimum of six parties above the line OR at least twelve individual candidates below the line.”



Shayne Higson

Voluntary Euthanasia Party

VEP Spokesperson, State Convenor (NSW) and Lead NSW Senate Candidate

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