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No Jab, No Pay High Court Challenge Update

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Hi everyone, in today’s newsletter we report on our fundraising for our No Jab No Pay High Court case.

The AVN is very happy to announce that we have now finalised the team of lawyers and barristers who will be taking our case against the Federal Government’s No Jab, No Pay legislation to the High Court.
We had retained the services of a solicitor about 6 weeks ago and he has been very busy interviewing potential Barristers and Silks.
Yesterday, the final decision was made and we could not be happier or more confident about the two final choices. These are both very senior advocates who have worked closely (and successfully) together in the past on other controversial and high-profile constitutional battles. Their expertise in constitutional law is without equal and they will be fearless in putting forward our case.
They will now be preparing a preliminary opinion, outlining all the points of law that will be used in our application to the court. This initial process can take 2-3 more months and we have transferred a large chunk of the funds raised so far from our sponsorship campaign into the solicitor’s trust account to cover the costs involved.
Fundraising has slowed down quite a bit but we are so close to that $150,000 mark! We are hoping that this news will give those of you who have been holding off on supporting this effort or, those who have simply forgotten, the impetus you need to step forward with your sponsorship – no matter how large or how small.
Let’s show the government that they are not above the law. Let’s remind them that they were elected to represent ALL Australians and not to discriminate against any segment of our society.
We can do this!
Our sponsorship efforts
have surpassed $135,000!
$135,000 and counting!
We have quickly reached the almost unbelievable figure of $135,000 in our efforts to raise enough money to take on the Federal Government’s No Jab, No Pay legislation in the High Court of Australia. (our thermometer reads $125,000 because our graphic designer was asked to put in $25,000 intervals)
We still have a long way to go however since, as you can see, we have been told that $500,000 will most likely be needed – perhaps more – before we can claim victory in this case.
The AVN would like to thank EVERYONE who has been sending in their pledges and joining and renewing as AVN members. Your support is gold!
Here are a few things we would like to tell you / ask you about in this particular update:
Several of our members and Facebook fans have put forward a few ideas to hopefully help raise more funds in a (relatively) painless way. Here are a few of those ideas – if you have others, send us a message at this link and we will share it:
(a) Set up an automatic payment from your bank account to the AVN’s No Jab No Pay sponsorship account (details below) of $5 / $10 per week or month. What one person said is that she would be willing to forego a takeaway coffee one morning a week and instead, have that money go towards protecting the rights of her children.
(b) Have a fundraising drive in your local area – a neighbourhood garage sale / cake stall / trivia night – these were just some of the ideas. All funds raised will be put towards sponsorship of our court case.
(c) For businesses and health practices (homeopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths, etc) – choose a day and advertise that a certain dollar amount ($5 for example) from each office visit or remedy sold that day will go towards the AVN. Other businesses can also donate a small percentage of their sales on one day they nominate. If enough businesses participate, we can raise a lot of funds without too much of an imposition on any one person or business.
There are more than 5,000 people reading this email; there are more than 11,000 people on the Fans of the AVN Facebook page (we realise there would be some overlap here). If every single person on this email list and on Facebook were to give just $10 a month, that would be $160,000 a month! Within 2 months, with the funds we have already collected, we would have come close to raising the $500,000 needed and nobody would be too stressed out about having to give large amounts to achieve this goal.
So how about it? Are you prepared to set up an automatic internet transfer (Westpac Bank, Account name AVN Community Solutions Cash Reserve, BSB 032591, Account number 188223) or, just visit our web page where you can provide sponsorship once a week/month (set up a reminder on your virtual or physical calendar so you won’t forget) using Paypal or your credit card.
Forward this issue

There is strength in numbers and we at the AVN needs more of you to become members. For $25 a year, you will be secure in the knowledge that our membership-driven organisation will be here supporting, protecting and informing YOU, your family, your friends and the Australian healthcare-consumer community into the future.

Membership costs $25 a year – less than 50 cents a week!

So please, consider joining as a member, renewing your membership and buying gift memberships for everyone who you think would benefit from their involvement with the AVN.

Health professionals, how about buying a gift membership for all of your pregnant clients or all those with young children?

There are so many ways to help others whilst helping the AVN. We’d be so happy to see the love being shared within the community.

Click here to join, renew or gift a membership (or ten) today!

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