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No Jab No Pay court case update!

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In the interests of keeping our supporters and members informed about the progress of this court case, the AVN Committee will be sending out regular updates.

Please be aware that due to the risk of prejudicing any outcome from this case, the information we can provide will, of necessity, be quite general.

To recap last week’s communication, we received a preliminary opinion from a barrister. Based on this advice, we are confident that we have a good chance of proceeding with our case in the High Court of Australia. Therefore, we are going to proceed with litigation.

Litigation of this type against the government is complex and will involve many hundreds of hours of work. There is a lot of preparatory and strategic work yet to be done before court papers can be filed.

This is why our appeal for sponsorship is vital to the success of this important case. The AVN feels strongly that not fighting against this discriminatory legislation is tantamount to giving the government carte blanche for further repressive and unconstitutional legislation.

If you are able to provide any financial support for this effort – no matter how small – we urge you to do so today. Regardless of whether you can or cannot help at the present time, we ask you to forward this message to everyone you can think of on your list of friends, family and social networking contacts. When it comes to actions such as this, there is definitely strength in numbers!

Your Questions:

There have been many questions about this case. Some, we are able to answer – some we cannot (just yet). We will list them below:
1-   What is the name of the firm of solicitors who will be going forward in this case?
At this point in time, a firm of solicitors has not yet been engaged though several firms are being interviewed and it is expected that a choice will be made sometime next week.
2-   Has counsel been engaged in this case?
No. Solicitors will be engaged first and after that, the rest of the team will be assembled including barristers and a QC.
3-   What sections of the constitution will be relied upon to make this case?
No questions regarding the strategy of the up-coming court case will be answered at this time. It is essential for the success of this case that information of this sort should remain completely confidential until such a time as it will be expedient to release it. Rest assured that as soon as that time comes, this information will be made public.
4-   How much needs to be raised in order to complete this trial?
 How long is a piece of string? We are not aware of how much will be required in the end. But the best estimate we have been able to come up with in discussions with various law firms is a minimum of $500,000 though this might be considered a conservative estimate. Keep in mind that the government, using our tax dollars, has nearly bottomless pockets. We, however, have the truth and your support on our side. That combination is nearly unbeatable! We need you to give what you can  and to share this with others who also support the inalienable human right to make individual health choices, and ask them to do the same with their contacts.

5-   How long does the AVN expect this case to take?

Like the funds required, the amount of time for this case is a matter of conjecture. We have heard estimates of 2 to 3 years, but that is just an estimate and may be wildly inaccurate. Whatever the case may be, it will not be a quick process so there are others in the pro-choice community who are currently working on other tactics to help those who are being affected by No Jab No Pay to take their own individual actions to hopefully keep their payments. We will aim to keep you informed of these actions as we are made aware of them. If you are one of those involved in a separate action, please be sure to contact us so we can help spread the details to families in our community.
We understand that there will be other questions and we will do our best to answer them as time goes on. The AVN has a 22-year history of honest, hard work in support of free and informed choices.
Our team of volunteer activists have given of their time, their money and their knowledge to help those in the community who have been adversely affected by government vaccination policies.
We prevailed upon Parliament in the late 1990s to introduce a Conscientious Objector clause to federal legislation. This clause guaranteed that no parent would be financially disadvantaged because they had made a legal decision regarding the vaccination of their children.
We succeeded then, and we will succeed again – with your help.
Kind regards,
The Australian Vaccination Network
National Committee

Have you fulfilled your pledge yet?

Nearly half of those who pledged have already sent in their sponsorship. Meaning more than half have not.
We understand that situations can change and that people who thought they would be able to help now find themselves in a situation where they are no longer able to.
If this is where you find yourself, please don’t feel bad.
But if you have simply not found the time or have forgotten, we would like to urge you to please send in your sponsorship today by clicking this link.
In addition, many of us have family and friends who might be willing to help out on this campaign but simply don’t know about it. If each one of you could please share this email with at least 2 others, that will go a long way towards spreading this vital message to the broader informed choice community. We need to be united against this terrible medico-government threat to our rights.

Anonymous donations

We have been contacted by many people – especially healthcare professionals – who would like to support this sponsorship appeal but fear that they may be targeted by their governing bodies should it ever be revealed that they did so.

Aside from the fact that citizens of democratic nations should never be penalized or threatened in any way for supporting a cause that they believe in strongly and that does not threaten violence or any other form of illegal activities, we understand completely why some would like to avoid the sorts of threats that members of the AVN committee specifically, and some members of the pro-health choice community in general have suffered over the last 6-7 years.
Therefore, we are happy to tell you that you CAN most definitely send in your sponsorships anonymously. There are two ways of doing so and some of you clever people have worked this out already.
1-   A cash donation via our Westpac Bank Account (paid over the counter)
Account name – AVN
BSB – 032591
Account number – 188223
Any anonymous payments made to this account from this time forward will be assumed to be sponsorship of the No Jab, No Pay court action.
2-    By sending in an unsigned money order (like the ones from Australia Post – some bank money orders may be the same. We are not sure) through the mail to AVN, PO Box 88, Bangalow NSW 2479.

A heartening note

One thing the AVN has noticed since sponsorships started to come in, is the number of people who are giving more than their pledge. There are many people who pledged $100 and gave $200 or $300, or others who pledged $500 but converted that to $1,000, telling us very clearly that they feel so strongly about this issue, they found a way to help more.
That is incredible and so very much appreciated!
What has really touched us, though, is the number of people who pledged $5 but gave $10, pledged $20 but gave $50.
It is obvious that many in our community are really hurting financially – and No Jab No Pay is only part of the reason. Despite that, they are truly committed to participating in this battle and putting their whole strength behind it.
We are humbled and moved by your support.
Don’t forget – you don’t need send large sponsorships in to be part of this movement – any sponsorship, freely given, will go a long way towards getting us closer to defeating those in government who believe they can take our rights away. We are not powerless in the face of tyranny and government-sponsored discrimination. Let’s demonstrate how strong we can be when we all stand together!

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