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Researchers who are being paid by the companies whose products they are supposed to be studying can and do manipulate results to make the product look better, more effective and safer. It happens all the time. And the media just reports what they are told without independent investigation. Then, doctors and the general community make decisions based upon this misinformation. It’s been happening for decades, yet the government and the media wonder why people would question what we’ve been told when the corruption and collusion between drug companies and ‘research’ is so blatant! 

“Forty percent of the abstracts in scientific papers and 47 percent of the press releases contained some kind of “spin,” which they defined as “specific reporting strategies (intentional or unintentional) emphasizing the beneficial effect of the experimental treatment.” The main source of this spin, they concluded, was the scientific papers themselves. News reports that contained spin, they added, were mainly parroting the same hype found in the original studies.”

Scientists “Spin” Results – The Scientist Magazine®.

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