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Dan Buzzard is a SAVN member from Western Australia who blogs, Tweets and posts many message on Facebook which are both derogatory and threatening about the AVN and its President, Meryl Dorey. Below is a selection of some of these items.

On September 2, 2012, Dan Buzzard sent out the following tweet, exhorting people to send the AVN violent pornographic messages:

If you don’t know what a goatse image is, we didn’t either. Do a Google search but do not click on the links – just read the description or you will be shocked.

In response to the page on this website regarding Daniel Raffaele’s harassment of the AVN, Buzzard had this to say:

This is indeed a human issue, which is why the AVN needs to be attacked and brought down in any way possible. I look forward to the day when anti-vaxxers are shunned and driven out of the community they threaten.

Perhaps there needs to be a national anti-vaxxer register, much like a sex offender register. So that communities can know if anti-vaxxers are living nearby.

To the State Library of WA – asking them to cancel the AVN’s seminar booking:

Dear Margaret,

I have concerns regarding the upcoming seminar on vaccination that is being presented by the Australian “Vaccination” Network, who despite their name are in fact opposed to the use of vaccination. They also engage in the spreading of misinformation in an attempt to stop parents from having their children vaccinated. Information is always important but when people such as Meryl Dorey and her organization set out to spread misinformation lives are put at risk.

As a place of information and learning I believe the State Library should make some serious reconsiderations about providing a venue for The Australian Vaccination Network. As a Librarian you will of course understand the importance of evaluating information from reliable sources. I ask that the Library look into the claims being made by the AVN and evaluate that information against credible academic journals then I am sure you will see the AVN and dishonest information they wish to spread.

Best Regards,
~Dan Buzzard


DanBuzzard: #stopavn The Bangalow Baby Killer sends another E-newsletter. Time to play spot the bullshit; this ones on (cont) https://tl.gd/3drv6c about 3 hours ago via Twitlonger

Calling all Skeptics. We know that Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network likes to ignore government authorities and likes to claim that she is beyond their jurisdiction. With the recent Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing decision to revoke the AVN’s charity status, forbidding them from collecting donations coming into effect tomorrow (20th). The AVN will not legally be allowed to collect donations from members of the public from tomorrow onwards.
I propose that we keep a close watch on the AVN and if they do not remove their donations page tomorrow we should all send in donations and then immediately report the AVN to the OLGR for unlawful collection of donations. You can email the OLGR here: [email protected]

DanBuzzard: Bangalow baby killer making more baseless accusations against #stopavn https://twitpic.com/37w74u about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck

This next comment is not specifically about the AVN. In it, Dan Buzzard discusses the reason why he and another member of Stop the AVN would be attending a homeopathic seminar in Perth:

Dan Buzzard
We need to gather information so that we can pursue complaint’s with government regulators. See if we can give them the same fate as the AVN.
Posted Jan 2, 2011 9:50 AM

Just a note on the following Tweet – @nocompulsoryvac is the Twitter name for Meryl Dorey.

DanBuzzard #statingtheobvious RT @drunkenmadman: Hey guess what everyone! @nocompulsoryvac is a fucking buffoon https://is.gd/bvjD2
Friday, 16 April 2010, 8:18 pm – Reply – View Tweet – Retweet – Direct Message

DanBuzzard Dan Buzzard
#stopavn hahaha Meryl approved my comment. https://bit.ly/dWaHSc What a ding bat…
4 hours ago

DanBuzzard Dan Buzzard
Meryl Dorey has got too much freetime now that she can’t do donation drives. #stopavn I would love to see her busted under US laws.

DanBuzzard: RT @drunkenmadman Antivaxers are assholes. That is all. https://bit.ly/ivafYR #stopavn Thu 05/26 06:56 AM

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