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Nurses don’t trust vaccines

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We are constantly being told that it is only the ‘fringe dwellers’ and those who are not very intelligent when it comes to science who would ever dream of questioning the safety or effectiveness of vaccines.

And yet, here is a study from that bastion of vaccination-science, Vaccine, which shows that a large number of nurses (98% of them surveyed) – people who are trained to understand how vaccines are meant to work and how safe they are purported to be – are saying no to vaccination.

And they are NOT declining to vaccinate because of anything that an organisation like the AVN is doing. Instead, their lack of trust is due to the untrustworthy way in which vaccinations have been promoted and ‘sold’ to the public and the obvious problems such as the fake Swine Flu pandemic and the huge upsurge in whooping cough despite high levels of vaccination.

Medical science does more to make people turn away from vaccination then 100 vaccine-safety groups could or would ever do. So the harder doctors and government officials try to push and the more they try to suppress information and force complaince, the more they will find that people are saying no – even if saying no means losing their job.

What lies behind the low rates of vaccinations among nurses who treat infants?

Background: In most countries rates of immunizations of health care workers with recommended vaccines are not satisfactory.
Objectives: To identify reasons behind the low rates of compliance of Israeli nurses in Mother and Child Healthcare Centers (MCHC) with an official request for pertussis vaccination.
Methods: Three focus groups were conducted. Qualitative analysis identified themes that could explain the nurses’ non-compliance.
Results: Trust in health authorities was low, mainly following the A/H1N1 purported influenza pandemic. In addition, nurses did not see the importance of being role models for the public and demanded the autonomy to decide whether to receive vaccinations. The nurses differentiated between their role as nurses and their personal life, expressed fear of new vaccines and exhibited low levels of risk perception. Misconceptions regarding vaccinations were expressed by the nurses.
Conclusions: Antivaccinationist ideas were expressed by MCHC nurses and these attitudes may have led to non-compliance with vaccination guidelines.

Thank you to www.preventdisease.com for posting the link to this article. Their critique can be found by clicking here.

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