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Is someone in your family adversely affected by vaccination?

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We are often told that vaccinations are perfectly safe or, if there is a small risk of side effects, most effects are mild and transitory with serious reactions only affecting 1 vaccinated person in a million.

Since the Australian Government readily admits that as few as 1% of all serious vaccine (and drug) reactions are ever reported, it is obvious that the vast majority of these events are not acknowledged.

The AVN would like to hear from you. Has someone in your family been adversely affected by vaccination? Was that reaction ever acknowledged by the medical industry and were mainstream medical therapies helpful in treating or overcoming the results of the reaction or were you able to find assistance from within the natural therapies community? Lastly, what is the current condition of the vaccine-injured person today?

The AVN would be very grateful if you could take the time to answer these few questions. We estimate that it will only take approximately 5 minutes and it will go a long way towards helping us understand how many people are actually being affected by vaccination and how few of those reactions are ever counted in the official statistics.

We do not claim that this is a scientific survey, but it will give us an indication of how big a problem we are facing when it comes to vaccine injuries and deaths.

To participate in this survey, please click here.

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