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The following interview with Meryl Dorey, President of the Australian Vaccination Network, will be aired on all American Airlines flights both in the United States and overseas during the months of July and August this year.

This will reach 8.4 million travelers on over 58,000 American Airlines flights and will be featured on their Executive Report business channel as well as in the American Way in-flight magazine during both months.

The AVN hopes that this will make listeners aware of just some of the issues surrounding the vaccination debate and encourage them to ask questions and become better informed about this vital subject.

As always, we believe that an informed healthcare consumer is the best final outcome and that no medical procedure should ever be made compulsory since no medical procedure is without risk.

Interview for the American Airlines “Executive Report”

Transcript of interview:

American Airlines:The debate over vaccinations has received an increasing amount of attention in recent years as questions have been raised regarding the safety of compulsory vaccines. And joining us now to give her view is Meryl Dorey. Meryl is president of the Australian Vaccination Network, as well as editor of Living Wisdom magazine, and we’re delighted to welcome her to The Executive Report. Meryl, welcome to the show.

Meryl Dorey: Thanks very much.

American Airlines: Now Meryl, vaccines are designed to repress disease but there’s been some recent issues with the whooping cough vaccine that might be a sign of things to come. What’s going on there?

Meryl Dorey: Well, vaccines are made to create antibodies, and antibodies only mean that you’ve been exposed to a disease; they don’t mean that you’re immune. And what we’ve found with the whooping cough vaccine is that yes, it is creating the antibodies, but it’s also bringing a new disease, a new form of whooping cough to the fore and this form of disease is not covered by the vaccine. So in the United States and overseas we’re seeing record numbers of cases of this whooping cough. We’re seeing more cases than we’ve had since before the vaccine was introduced and it’s a much more dangerous disease. So for the first time in decades we’re seeing babies die. So the vaccine’s not working and we’re seeing similar situations with measles and mumps and we may see this with more diseases into the future. So we need to look at what we’re doing.

American Airlines: Now what’s your view on the state of autism as it relates to vaccinations?

Meryl Dorey: Well, autism has been related to vaccination in the medical literature for a very long time, but the study that everybody talks about is the one by Andrew Wakefield that was printed in 1998 in the Lancet. And this study says that the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine maybe a cause of autism. A lot of people are saying that this journal article has been discredited but what they’re ignoring is the fact that since this original paper was published, there have been many other papers verifying this finding. So again, we have the question, “are vaccines related to autism?”. We’ve had an increase of autism from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 88, and the only common denominator seems to be the increasing use of vaccinations. So we need to look at this openly and not try and suppress the information.

American Airlines: So Meryl, what do you feel we should do to ensure the well being of all children?

Meryl Dorey: Well, vaccination is a medical procedure and it carries with it risks and benefits so parents need to be aware of all of the information. We need to have real access to information and vaccination should never be compulsory because it is not 100% safe, and no government has the right to say you have to put your child’s health at risk because we have made this procedure compulsory. Vaccines have not been subjected to true double-blind trials. They need to be done. They’ve also never been scientifically tested independently. Most vaccine trials, like most drug trials, are paid for by the pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccines. We need the government to take a stand on this. And most importantly, we need this study that we’ve been asking for for decades which compares the overall health of the fully vaccinated with the fully unvaccinated. And when that study is done, parents will finally have confidence to say, “yes, we’re going to vaccinate because we feel it’s in our child’s best interests”.

American Airlines: Meryl, this has been very informative. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us today.

Meryl Dorey: Thank you.

American Airlines: Visit the Australian Vaccination Network online at avn.org.au

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