The suffering continues – more of your stories

  Hello, I emailed some of my story last year, but I just had to walk away from the whole mess of a situation and concentrate on Christmas, holidays and birthdays to keep my sanity. I’d like to share my story so far for you to pass on to barristers if you so wish. I’ll… [Read More]

More stories from families adversely affected by No Jab No Pay/Play

Thank you to everyone who has shared their impact statements with the AVN. As we did yesterday, we will continue to publish your stories on this website. We continue to ask that everyone who will be adversely affected by No Jab No Pay/ No Play legislation, submit their stories via our web contact form at this link. … [Read More]

No Jab No Play (NSW) – updated

The AVN’s page about New South Wales No Jab No Play – which originally took effect from 01 January 2014 – has been updated to incorporate changes effective from 01 January 2016. Conscientious objection to vaccination is still permitted for the purpose of enrolment in NSW childcare, however the procedures and form by which to… [Read More]

Studies supporting vaccine/autism causation

The following 68 medical journal studies support the link between vaccination and autism. So the next time a doctor or government official tells you that this link is non-existent, please point them to this list of references. [UPDATE 2018, PLEASE NOTE: many of the links below no longer go to the studies described. We’ll leave… [Read More]