Party response: Australian Labor Party

      Dear Ms Dorey, Please find attached our response to your letter. Kind regards, Claudia ALP Information Services Unit Australian Labor Campaign Headquarters ALP response to Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc

Party response: Health Australia Party

Health Australia Party supports informed consent. Here is our position statement on ‘No jabs’:   Email: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Website OFFICIAL STATEMENT “NO JAB NO PAY/PLAY” LEGISLATION April 2, 2016 HAP understands that the overwhelming majority of the huge amount of submissions both Federally, and in Victoria, were against this legislation, and that… [Read More]

Party response: Consumer Rights & No Tolls

As you know, we are totally supportive of your position, and I’ve put together a bit about our party’s stance – and record – against the No Jab policy, so feel free to pass on to your networks please! I think it’s important for everyone to realise (if they don’t already) that a vote for the… [Read More]

Party Response: Australian Antipaedophile Party

  The Australian Antipaedophile Party is a single issue party whose policies are set out clearly on our website We have no official policy on vaccination and do not intend to formulate one. Thankyou

Party response: The Voluntary Euthanasia Party

        Our party secretary, Sandi Steep passed on your email regarding VEP policy on vaccinations. Here is a statement on behalf of the VEP. “The Voluntary Euthanasia Party VE has one major goal – to see law reform on voluntary assisted dying. We believe if someone is dying from a terminal or… [Read More]

Party Response: The Australian Sex Party

Dear Ms Dorey, I am pleased to respond on behalf of the Australian Sex Party, to your request for information on our position on vaccination issues. I’d like to request that my response be published in full, and unedited, on both your website and social media. Please do share it widely. The Australian Sex Party… [Read More]

Party Response: Non-Custodial Parents Party

Response from the Deputy Registered Officer: Our party is really a one issue based political party. However, we do have sympathy for your issue. From our web-site The Aim of the Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting)  is to: a. Minimise government interference in decisions that affect separated families. andto b. Maximise the initiative of individual parents to… [Read More]

Party Response:

Response from the deputy leader of Flux isn’t a party like most others. We don’t have any policies outside of parliament (and thus have no direct policies on vaccines). The purpose of Flux is to introduce better decision making systems into Parliament. Flux is a platform to connect people and communities to the real… [Read More]

Party Response: The 21st Century Australia Party

Correspondence from the Party founder (9/5/16) We will release our 2016 Policy Document later this week One of the policies is to stop mandatory vaccination and for a Government investigation into the danger of current vaccines Also see our news site: We focus heavily on the vaccination debate and you will find many  articles… [Read More]

Make your vote count on July 2nd!

Now that the date of the next Federal Election has been confirmed at July 2nd, 2016, the AVN would like to ask everyone reading this to carefully consider who they will – and will not – support in the upcoming election. Please note that the AVN’s Code of Ethics specifically prohibits our organisation from promoting… [Read More]