General anaesthesia for vaccination under No Jab No Pay/Play?

Sydney University academic, Associate Professor Julie Leask, made a disturbing revelation at the 2018 National Immunisation Conference held in Adelaide during June. She claimed that some medically-complex children will require sedation or even general anaesthesia in order to undergo catch-up vaccination, and that if their parents are unwilling to consent, they will be denied family… [Read More]

Chief Medical Officer admits Whooping Cough lies informed No Jab No Pay/Play

The National Immunisation Conference was held in Adelaide in June 2018.  Linked below are three video panel discussions/presentations which should be of particular interest to the freedom of choice community.  Links to all other available video panel discussions/presentations are at the bottom of this page. Anyone who has been following this issue for any length… [Read More]

Low health literacy associated with high vaccination rates

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care reported in 2014 that 60 per cent of adult Australians have low health literacy, arguing that they may not be able to effectively exercise their choice or voice when making healthcare decisions. The Commission defines individual health literacy as the skills, knowledge, motivation and capacity… [Read More]

Acclaimed film-maker denied entry to Australia?

MEDIA RELEASE July 31, 2018, BANGALOW, NSW, AUSTRALIA. Press Dispensary. It seems that the award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker Joan Shenton is being refused permission to enter Australia this week, following the news that she was to front a screenings tour of her award-winning film Sacrificial Virgins in early August. Sacrificial Virgins probes the controversies… [Read More]

Injected And Neglected – Irish Gardasil Protest

Today we have a guest post from Helen Lobato, author of Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Two young Irish girls protesting against Gardasil a few days ago suffered seizures and needed hospital care, while inside the nearby Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Professor Ian Frazer the co-developer of the… [Read More]

Two Children Die In Samoa Minutes After MMR Vaccination

Ministry of Health orders all MMR vaccines seized and an immediate investigation to commence. – July 9th, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – News has just emerged that two one-year old children died within minutes of receiving the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccination in the villages of Safotu and Sasina in Samoa. The deaths took… [Read More]

Allegations that Hennessy’s dept misled court referred to IBAC

Media Release Last week we took the unprecedented step of submitting a complaint of corruption to the Victorian Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC). Our complaint raises serious concerns about the conduct – possibly extending to criminal conduct – of several parties holding high office in Victoria. The conduct in question relates to certain false and/or… [Read More]

Sacrificial Virgins Film And Q & A Tours Australia’s East Coast 2018

Are you worried about the safety of HPV vaccines? Have you heard about this award-winning documentary? Would you like a chance to get answers from experts on HPV? Following on from the incredible success of last year’s tour of VaxXed, from Cover-Up to Catastrophe, the AVN is once again providing access to cutting edge vaccination… [Read More]

Hennessy’s department misled court in vaccination order case

Last updated 08 July 2017 Readers may recall that late last year, the Victorian Supreme Court heard an appeal against a decision of the Children’s Court ordering the vaccination of children under the temporary care of the state, against the wishes of the biological parents. Legal Aid Victoria had brought the appeal on behalf of… [Read More]