Judicial Review update – March 9, 2022

First of all, I really apologise for the tardiness of this update. Our internet died with the flooding from the recent rains in the Northern Rivers area of NSW and only came back late on Sunday night. There were many emails and messages to catch up on, but finally, we are sitting down to write… [Read More]

Video Archive – Cry Freedom

NEW ZEALAND: The police commissioner made a plea for tow truck companies to move the convoy for freedom vehicles the tow companies did not respond to the plea nor did the military when asked. pic.twitter.com/f7Npz7HsK3 — Apex World News (@apexworldnews) February 15, 2022

Video Archive – Conflicts of Interest and Corrupt Decision-Makers

“This was never about the virus. It was about creating a compliant public…primed to accept the next lockdown order no questions asked. The assaults on our basic liberties have been wide-ranging.”@IngrahamAngle pic.twitter.com/uvI0J184mW — Michael P Senger (@MichaelPSenger) February 15, 2022