Under the Wire with Special Guests Georg Della Pietra and Kristina Terzic: December, 2022

03 January, 2023 By AVN admin


We have an action-packed show on tonight so buckle up and be sure to join us as well as sharing this link widely – thank you!

Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families.

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Today’s Program

Under the Wire with Special Guests Georg Della Pietra and Kristina Terzic

With the recent deaths of baby Alexander in the United States and the court battle to provide clean blood to Baby W in New Zealand there are many people asking questions about the issue of safe blood transfusions.
Under the Wire is therefore very excited to be welcoming two special guests to our show this Wednesday night to discuss this issue.

Georg Della Pietra (https://safeblood.net/en/) is the founder of a new organisation called Safe Blood whose stated goal is to provide safe blood donations from people who have not taken the experimental mRNA COVID jabs.

Kristina Terzic (https://safeblood.au/) has only recently helped open the Australian branch of safeblood.ch and she will join Georg to discuss the unique legal, ethical and medical challenges facing those who want to reduce the risks of receiving tainted blood products.

We need everyone to be active and aware before it is too late. Please watch and share this special feature as widely as you can.


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