Under the Wire – WA Rights Removal with Attorney Rosie Cornell: October 9, 2022

08 December, 2022 By AVN admin


We have an action-packed show on tonight so buckle up and be sure to join us as well as sharing this link widely – thank you!

Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families.



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Today’s Program

Under the Wire – Interview with Rosie Cornell

The last 2 years have seen governments across Australia and around the world use their self-declared health ’emergencies’ as an excuse to take away our basic, inalienable rights.

In tonight’s Under the Wire Special Report, Meryl will be speaking with Rosie Cornell, an attorney from Western Australia who is very well-informed about proposed new changes to State legislation that will allow the government to take action against law-abiding citizens never-before-seen in Australia – not even in Victoria.

The actions contained in this legislation include forced indefinite quarantine, seizure of private property including cars and houses, the establishment of a ‘secret police’ force which is not required to operate under the normal rules and codes governing regular forces and more.

We need everyone to be active and aware before it is too late. Please watch and share this special feature as widely as you can.


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