Update: The AVN’s Judicial Review Case Against the TGA

19 August, 2022 By AVN admin


As many of you are aware, the AVN’s appeal on the issue of Standing was heard by the full bench of the Federal Court on Monday this week.

The presiding justices found that our organisation, which has been exclusively involved with representing, defending and restoring the rights of Australians to informed vaccination and health choice for nearly 30 years did not have a ‘special interest’ in this issue over and above that of any ordinary Australian.

Watch below as AVN Founder, Meryl Dorey speaks with AVN Legal Advisor and former barrister, Julian Gillespie about what happened in the court and what the future might hold for the issue of health rights in Australia.

Please share this notice widely as Twitter has suspended the nocompulsoryvacc page and Facebook is suppressing access to the AVN’s page as well.



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