Stories of the Silenced: Jab Injuries Global Publish Heartbreaking Testimonials

05 July, 2022 By AVN admin

Censorship is the greatest threat to an open, transparent and informed society. We don’t know, what we don’t know.

With an expected survival rate of over 99%, COVID-19 was not the most debilitating disease over these past two years… the real disease on our society has been the rise of censorship. Not only censorship from our governmental departments and media outlets, but self-censorship is being imposed for fear of ridicule or reprisal.

Censorship only survies if we let it. The antidote is to listen with an open mind, and share with an open heart.

Jab Injuries Global is a website dedicated to listening to, and sharing what are deeply personal and heartbreaking stories from people who have been injured or disabled following a COVID-19 injection.

These stories might be hard to read. They may be hard to comprehend. But behind each and every one of these stories is a real person with real struggles – do not censor them. We must acknowledge and support them in every possible way.

Please download and share a collection of these stories from