Update January 21, 2022 – Legal Team Meets to Discuss the AVN’s Judicial Review

25 January, 2022 By AVN admin

Our legal team held a critical meeting today. After intense discussions with Senior and Junior Counsel, our instructing solicitor Peter Fam provides the following update:

  • The case is moving ahead at great speed;
  • We have finalised the evidence and strategy we intend to use. We are now putting it together in its most potent form;
  • The legal team is reconvening on 27 January with a view to settling the evidence and statement of claim, and filing within days of that date;
  • Once filed, we will press for the allocation of a substantive hearing where we will ask the Court to order the Secretary of the TGA to suspend or cancel the provisional approvals for Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

Statement from the AVN:

“What may be misconstrued as an apparent delay is instead the time necessary for ensuring success.

“We only get one attempt at this particular application for judicial review if we wish to avoid having to appeal.

“In seeking to avoid that prospect, we must completely assist the Court with understanding evidence never before seen or within its knowledge, so the Court is able to see the historical impacts affecting communities everywhere.

These additional few days will make all the difference – hopefully for everyone.”