Under the Wire Episode 96, August 29, 2021

01 September, 2021 By AVN admin

Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families

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Today’s Program

Rod Culleton – The Fight for Australian Freedom

Rodney Norman Culleton, former Federal Senator for Western Australia, founder of the Great Australian Party, author of the Terms and Reference for the Banking Royal Commission and named in the law statute book of Australia for reinstating the reference to the Queen in the High Court of Australia.
Born and bred in Rural Western Australia, broadacre farmer in Williams in the Upper Great Southern of WA, wool and grain trader in WA, off farm investments including feed mills, logisTcs and inventor of Intellectual Property as declared by name on IP Australia.
Appeared on Channel 9’s 60 Minutes programme, ABC, 4 Corners and many other commercial channels including an up and coming documentary of “Senator in Exile”.
Proud father and husband with strong family values and total respect for our forefathers who fought for the Commonwealth. Unprecedented Commonwealth mateship through executed MOUs with the Tribal Sovereign Elders on mainland Australia, Thursday Island and Tiwi Island to respect one another’s rights and to walk alongside one another in supporting the restoration of the Commonwealth.

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