Under the Wire Episode 66, March 20, 2021

21 March, 2021 By AVN admin

Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families

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Today’s topic

Under the Wire-Special Event: Interview with Israeli Human Rights Lawyer, Tamir Turgal

When it comes to repressive legislation and the removal of basic human rights, Israel seems to be the democracy that has moved the furthest towards fascism – an irony that escapes nobody who is aware of the history of Israel in relation to Nazi Germany.
Tamir will discuss the introduction of Green Passports which will limit Israeli’s ability to travel, shop, work, educate and do just about everything else that we had previously taken for granted.
With Australia’s federal cabinet currently holding discussions about the introduction of a similar vaccine passport, it is important the each of us learns about the implications of such moves.
Please join us on this important special edition of Under the Wire and share this widely with anyone you know who cares about freedom of choice, freedom of travel, freedom of work, and every other basic, inalienable freedom.