NSW Vaxxed Tour (part 1)-Day 3

19 October, 2020 By AVN admin




Insulin-dependent Diabetes IDDM following Gardasil

Story of a facility filled with children and adults injured by vaccines; forced flu vaccination to be with dying loved one

Severe eczema and strabismus (eye turn) from vaccination

Cerebral palsy from vaccination

Healthy unvaccinated mum with healthy, unvaccinated children

Gardasil injury

Gardasil injury and activist

Unvaccinated children

2 grandparents killed by flu vaccine. Healthy, unvaccinated mum with health unvaccinated children

For those along the route, here are the locations where you can see the Vaxxed Bus Downunder. If you would like to tell your story – either a vaccine-injury or unvaccinated story or just see the bus and support the tour, use the Survey Monkey form linked below. And if you would like to provide financial support, use the other link for sponsorship of the Vaxxed Bus.

Please come along for these events and say hi to the Vaxxed Down Under Team!