Freedom Day

28 August, 2020 By AVN admin

The Victorian Government wants to extend coronavirus state of emergency powers. To do so means altering the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.

There are 4 proposed changes:
1. Section 3(3) Change to the definition of what is a serious public health risk. The change will mean that COVID-19 is a serious risk to public health EVEN when rate of community transmission is low or EVEN when there are no cases at all.
2. Clarification of the duties of chief medical officer
3. Maximum length of time the state of emergency can last to be changed from 6-18 months. This removes the sunset clause from 6 months maximum length.
4. Section 199 (1)(B) adds the word ‘reasonably’ to section which reads ‘Chief officer may authorise exercise of certain powers’. This lowers standard of proof.

See: The Hidden Problem in the Victoria State of Emergency

This is happening in Victoria and could happen in your state too.

We need to make a stand now! Only in large numbers will the message get across. Enough is enough.

Lockdowns, Curfew, Closed Borders, Police Check Points, work Permits, Drone surveillance, Chopper Patrols, 23 Hour Confinement, One Hour Exercise, Mandatory Medical Procedures, Banned Travel, Food Rationing, Closed Churches, Denied Sunshine, School Closures, Masks, Allocated Shopping Time, Government Access to Homes Without a Warrant, No Wedding Celebrations, No Gatherings, Decimated Economy, Limited Attendees at Funerals, Business Closures, No Family Visits, Movement Banned Beyond 5km, Military Patrols, Government Removal of Children, Indefinite Restrictions.

“It could never happen in Australia”
But it has!

Here is the link for more information regarding Freedom Day events