Review of Jabbed, by Brett Wilcox

21 June, 2020 By AVN admin

“Free and open access to information is the biggest threat vaccine sociopaths have ever faced. Their golden calf is melting in the fire of truth and public awareness. Mandatory vaccines are industry’s defense against public knowledge.” 
– Brett Wilcox, Jabbed

Few books on vaccination reach out and grab you the way “Jabbed” does. There is no sugarcoating anything in this book. Brett Wilcox does a superb job of laying out the issues around the science and politics surrounding vaccination in a refreshingly honest manner. This a great book for anyone who is interested in learning more about the history and current controversy surrounding vaccination. For those new to the issue, tighten your seatbelts because you may find the journey through this book very confronting.

If vaccines were as safe and effective as they are proclaimed to be, then vaccine sociopaths would have no reason to rewrite history, doctor data, silence scientists, and bribe bureaucrats.

Brett Wilcox covers all of these topics in Jabbed, and quotes many well known sources in his deep dive into the corruption and fraud that has been all too apparent in vaccine politics for decades. He says:

Regardless of legal status, vaccination was, is, and will always be a form of medical assault and crime against individual vaccine recipients as well as a crime against humanity. May we awaken the world to these simple facts and rejoice in the coming day when vaccines are banned, vaccine sociopaths are jailed, and the savage ritual of vaccination is remembered as a remnant from a dark and evil time.

There are no punches pulled in this book, very few authors are this fearless in stating their convictions. Everyone needs to read this book!

Reviewed by Aneeta Hafemeister, AVN President