Under the Wire Episode 30, April 4, 2020

04 April, 2020 By AVN admin

Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families


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Today’s topic

Channeling your Inner Nazi

As Australia descends deeper and deeper into Coronavirus madness, it brings out the best in many who want to help and support their friends, neighbours and family. Others, however, seem to revel in the tyranny of the moment including, sadly, some members of the police force. Shame on them!

Jane Hanson of the Daily Telegraph has contacted us about our suggestion that people drop by hospitals while they are out and about to see if they look crowded. Apparently, she feels it is illegal to make such a suggestion. She has been invited to appear on Under the Wire as a guest to discuss this further. We hope she will accept the invitation.

Aged care residents, workers and people who just work in aged care facilities (such as maintenance, kitchen staff and administration workers) are being bullied into accepting flu shots or risk losing their jobs. In addition, people in totally unrelated industries (hairdressing, food service etc) are being told to vaccinate or walk. But is this legal?


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