Under the Wire Special Update – Coronavirus and more timely news, January 30, 2020

31 January, 2020 By AVN admin

Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families

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Links to topics on today’s program

Swine Flu Virus Created from Pig Vaccine?
Patent for Coronavirus Patent
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Australian lab first outside of China to re-create coronavirus, helping vaccine push – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
“Snake Pneumonia” – Coronavirus Outbreak in China Traced to Snakes by Genetic Analysis
Fact or Faux | thethymekeeper.com
Don’t Believe Everything You Read About Flu Deaths | HuffPost Canada
Cervical cancer rises among young women as progress on deadly disease ‘stalls’ | The Independent
Will HPV vaccination prevent cervical cancer? – SaneVax, Inc.
Sepsis kills five times as many Americans as breast cancer, study finds | Daily Mail Online