Under the Wire Episode 14, November 16, 2019

18 November, 2019 By AVN admin

Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families

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Under the Wire with David Stephan

David Stephan’s son died 7 years ago as a result of a lack of equipment in a Canadian ambulance and medical errors in the hospital where he was admitted. Instead of accepting responsibility for these mistakes, the health system treated him and his wife as criminals who had caused their son, Ezekiel’s death. In this interview, David talks about the history of this case, his victory and the current appeal the government is putting them through to avoid a positive precedent for families.

David has already spent over $1.2 million in his defence. The up-coming appeal urgently needs our support. His victory will set a precedent that can help every parent so if you can donate any amount – no matter how small – he would appreciate that. You can read more about that and donate at this link:

Please note: David’s sound is poor on this recording. We will be putting captions up over the next few days so if you are having trouble understanding him, please check back.


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