Under the Wire Episode 9, September 28, 2019

11 October, 2019 By AVN admin

Under the Wire – A show about suppressed data, censorship and rising up to protect our families

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Topics and links

Today’s interview is with Greg Beattie, ex-AVN President and author of two Australian books on Vaccination. Find them on his website https://vaccinationdilemma.com/

Greg’s two books are:
1. Vaccination: A Parent’s Dilemma
2. Fooling Ourselves on the Fundamental Value of Vaccines

Paper by Dr Peter Gotzsche, one of the founders of the Cochrane Collaboration, discussing increases in deaths after DPT vaccination: Expert Report – Effect of DTP Vaccines on Mortality in Children in Low-Income Countries

Dr Peter Aaby’s paper – Evidence of Increase in Mortality After the Introduction of Diphtheria–Tetanus–Pertussis Vaccine to Children Aged 6–35 Months in Guinea-Bissau: A Time for Reflection?

Video – Dr Peter Aaby – DPT: this vaccine is killing children